Thinking Spriest instead of warlock

Ive played my warlock since 08 and now the casting flow just doesnt feel great anymore. Someone suggested I might like the channeling/casting combo of the spriest. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Only 1 way to find out if you like it, that is to try it out. I honestly think Spriest is more fun in its’ current iteration and feels smoother to play but that could vary person to person so I say try it out and see!

Uh…I guss It’s ok, but aoe rotation is kinda messy.

I’ve played both for a long time and had been playing Shadow for Sanctum progression. It got stale to me pretty quickly and I swapped back to my lock. I at least have three specs to swap between if I get bored of one.

If shadow was decent at anything that isn’t just single target the boss the entire fight then I would have enjoyed it much more. The procs are a lot of fun, though.

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So much this. Having 3 DPS specs has its downsides, but an upside is variety within the DPS role. Especially for priest. I’d LOVE for priest to have two DPS specs. I’d never play anything else at that point.

Warlock chiming in, if we were talking BfA, legion, or really any xpac but this one i’d recommend you Warlock but the class is so weak this time around. Shadow priest, specifically current necro spriest, just blows it out of the water. I’d recommend Spriest for this expansion, it’s really fun and nails the theme. No spec of warlock feels like they spent any good amount of time on it, especially when I loved it so much in legion.

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I’m bias cause I’ve mained a Shadow Priest since the game started, but I love it. AoE in raids is not very fun though. Sure you can try to dot everything up, it doesn’t feel good or fun and Mind Sear doesn’t hit that hard either cause it’s not target capped. It’s not bad in Mythic+ since you spec into Searing Nightmare for all but 1, sometimes 2 dungeons. This expansion has been pretty interesting though cause historically in the past, Spriest has always excelled at multi-target fights and ramps up the longer the fight takes since they lacked good burst. All of a sudden, this expansion and it’s reversed. Our burst and single target is pretty awesome, but our multi-target/aoe is kinda bleh.

Honestly way prefer basically all the Warlock specs for PvE dps. Just feels way more fun and less complicated compared to shadow.

Disc is hella fun though. So there’s that. If you’re only really wanting to dps though, I’d stick with Warlock.

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