Thinking of transferring to Durotan. "Alliance"

Thinking of transferring to Durotan “alliance " to be on a east coast realm. Would like to find a social adult guild " I’m 42” with some raiding. I know you can’t believe everything on the forums but it’s talked about the server being dead. What are your thoughts?

You’re better off on Dalaran realm, def more populated and lots more guilds to choose from. Most of my mains are there now.

Don’t waste your money/gold transferring to Ysera/Durotan. Why it’s listed as “high” pop is beyond me. The server is dead after the mass exodus of people, guilds, and classic mains BfA caused. The place I once called home for many years is a desert.

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Hey Siggy, Still Alive is an active raiding and social guild. If you do decide to transfer here, just let me know, and I can give you some details.