Thinking of transferring [A]

Hey Thunderfury!

My friend and I are looking for a new, permanent, Alliance home for The Bruning Crusade. We both played the first 4 or so months of Classic, but fizzled out due to life situations.
However, we are looking to go really hard for BC as that is our nostalgic home.

We’re a veteran Prot Paladin and Arms Warrior (Swords) looking for a good solid, dedicated guild as well as some news about the state of your realm.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and time!

It’s a great server for making gold, and is fairly balanced faction-wise .

Like most PVP servers, there are a fair amount of young people, and quite a bit of adolescent type behavior. It’s one of the better PVP servers in my opinion, but if you are an older adult you will often be reminded of your age.