Thinking of settling here (alliance)

Hi there, myself and one other are thinking of coming to this realm. But we know it’s reputation.

We’re mainly looking because it’s high pop alliance, so we should (theoretically) have more scope for guilds.

We come as a combo, at this stage are leveling characters. While we do have decently geared characters on horde on another realm, we decided to start fresh. We don’t really know what this server offers, despite being here a few day’s now. So below are a few questions we have.

  • we are a mother and daughter team, so 18+ guilds are not suitable. Trust me, she can curse better than most adults, but what we have seen so far seems very restrictive in the way of guilds.

  • we enjoy mythic+. We’ve only seen people asking for +4 Keys or so here, is this realm mostly only doing that level?

  • my daughter is also hard of hearing, which makes discord difficult, but not limiting. We’ve both had experience up to and including +12 keys, and normal level raids.

  • casual pvp is also a love of ours, especially battlegrounds so ideally we’d love to find a group that does this.

  • the last thing is (and main reason we’re looking here), that she would like to learn to rp. She actually got a profile add on and everything, but doesn’t really know what to do from there.

Ideally a guild that does a bit of everything and is active all hours would be perfect. We haven’t leveled too far yet, so aren’t overly invested at this stage in the realm. However, for reasons mentioned above, we’d like to make a go of it.

We came from a large horde server, and were part of a very good and inclusive guild. Due to a sudden change of direction, we found ourselves on the shelf rather than being able to participate. We really loved where we were, so it was hard to leave. It was for the best though, and we’d love to know that guilds, and people like those we left are around here. We may not join anything right now, but we are checking everything out.

So, please, drop us some suggestions, opinions, and directions that may help us make a final decision.

Thank you for reading.

To answer some of your questions…

A lot of guilds around are 18+ for good reason on this server, but there are also a lot of friendly guilds out there! Take a look through the forums and I guarantee you’ll find something!

I think we have a pretty good M+ community (not as good as some of the larger PVP/PVE servers, but still great). I would say the median is probably like the +10 to +15 range for casual guilds and then +15 and upwards for content guilds. There are also a lot of communities for M+ and raiding!

I would honestly suggest just going into Stormwind and hanging out! If she is so inclined, there are a lot of great roleplay guilds out there too!

I hope this helped!

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Unfortunately, I don’t have a list of guilds to give you that will fulfill the requirements you’ve set forth; but here are a few things to consider that will get you started on the path to finding something that works.

First, it’ll be a tall order to find a guild that checks all your boxes. In my experience over many years, guilds that try to do everything rarely do them all well or at all. So since you mentioned that RP is the main reason you’re here, I would recommend browsing the guild recruitment ads here on the forums and the guild finder in-game. Pay attention to server events, and show up to them to observe how different people from different guilds interact.

When you finally decide to speak to a particular guild, make sure you come loaded with questions. A guild’s list of rules isn’t enough as those rules are often largely for show and cast aside for certain individuals. Make sure that by asking good, hard questions the guild will be safe for your daughter and that it will be the kind of learning environment you are looking for.

Following this advice may extend the time it takes for you to find a suitable home, but I believe it will get you a better-suited one in the end.

I have one tip, avoid any guilds with “lifestyle” in their guild ad.

This realm has many people that do 18+ themes including dark, gory stuff. I’m not going into detail, I’ll let yer mind wander with that. Please state OOC that -YOU DO NOT- accept injuries, or combat if ya’ wanna keep her safe from… Possibly traumatic events.

We have been having wars going on lately in Old Town. Again, I’m not going into detail out of respect for people. Just leave the District and move on if you run into events like this.

Our two most popular are Edict and First Light. they do numerous m+ and mythic raids and our even our r1 for the realm in that aspect. Other people can provide additional information. I’ve given up on this expansion from a PvP/PvE perspective… Edict might have members that will do Randoms with you. Though rated, is another story, numerous members of them are 2k+ in 2’s 3’s and RBG’s. I’d inquire with whoever the leader is first.

I mean, Group/Premade Finder does exist.

In my experience anything below the key of 7 in premade finder do -not- require voice chat. Guilds have rules and other opinions.

I’ll see you both in Shadowlands. Need a DH? :heart:

We have a moon guard wiki, the only realm canon is a mana cannon. If people try to enforce stuff into IC or OOC please remind them. I’m trying to better myself every day. I’m trying to fix bridges, we all are not perfect in other’s eyes. If someone ignores ya’ or wants distance, do not take it the wrong way. People get uncomfortable, people get upset, people get… Crap happens.

You need to provide a time zone for guilds to provide information by the way.

We all share this realm. We need to work together. ^___^

I’m an officer in The Redridge Irregulars, and we’re very friendly to players of all skill levels, especially people looking to learn a new aspect of the game!

We do an assortment of RP events, casual Mythic+ dungeons (we just ran a +7 today), Lore For Newbies, and all-around good-hearted banter. We’re also aggressively laid-back. Most of our members happen to be 18+, but we don’t have any strict policy on that and we tailor our RP for any age.

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Thank you all for the replies!

We’re still feeling our way around the server, for now our main focus is leveling and watching people rp.

The casual bg thing is a for fun thing. No pressure, no burning need for a whole guild to participate (we usually end up going together as no one usually wants to tag along).

Mythics and rp will be the main thing later on. It’s mainly about being included. We come from somewhere that used to be awesome for grouping, then a circle developed and people got left out. We didn’t have problems in the mythics, it was just the whole going from very welcoming to very cold that threw us. She is hard of hearing, and is extremely self conscious of her voice, (speech impediment due to hearing problems) but she can and does listen in on discord. This is why we got through to mythic 12s and done a little raiding. She’s better than me at following directions if I’m honest.

As far as the 18+ thing goes, well she’s into zombies, knows more cuss words than anyone I know (yup don’t blame me I’m her step mom), but I didn’t want to join somewhere only to find people are rping in more… goldshire-esque styles.

Also I’ll keep an eye out for the redridge guild, there wasn’t any on tonight but we have plenty of time to bump into you guys.

And you’re always welcome to join us rabald.

Thanks again all.

If you avoid the Goldshire Inn (and mostly all of Goldshire) than I think you’ll find that we’re a particularly varied bunch. It’s a huge server so sometimes general/trade chat can get a little out of hand, but I tend to keep trade chat in a separate window at all times no matter what server I am playing on.

I am fairly new to MG as well. I joined back in January this year and I am having a blast. I found a good group of people who are mature, but we’re not the 18+ variety (nothing wrong with that either). We like to do raids on weekends, M+, and really just about everything the game has to offer. We also do casual RP events where the RP is optional. Might be a good place for your daughter to learn (and me as well!).

I hope you two decide to hang around. I can’t really answer some of your other questions because I’m also learning the server still.

I would highly suggest taking the OOC section of MRP or TRP and putting no ERP with this character for your daughter. Again, people on this realm… Get really, weird at times…

And ignore list anyone who asks “would you change your mind for me???

That’s exactly how you get those kinds of messages.

Personally, I prefer to just never bring up anything about “The Goods” and simply ignore/report anyone who tries to make my game nights weird.

Whatever you end up doing, just don’t roll with it. Don’t respond to creeps.

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I try to resolve stuff like that OOCly before even approaching another person ICly. IC is IC and OOC is OOC. If you do not like someone or want them around. I would advise this as well. I try to be a better person every day :man_shrugging: No one is perfect.