Thinking of returning

Iv been thinking of returning but can’t afford sub right now and not enough gold but was wondering if I ever get to return would it be be worth starting over on a new server or continuing on the one Iv always been on. Im just curious because my old one is a low population now and didn’t know if that mattered or not.

Just play for free…
Lock your xp before 20 if you want to add time later and return to that toon.
Other wize you will gain up to 30 when blizzard holds you to 20.
Lots to spend the 1000 gold on per toon.
Have fun with less spells to worry about.

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If you’re feeling the itch, playing a low-level for free is a good idea, especially nowadays, when you can zip around the expansions from level 10 in Chromie Time. :smiley:

As for changing servers, it very much depends on your playstyle and preferences. The devs are reducing the advantages of large servers every expansion. Cross-realm grouping means that you are not limited to groups on one realm. Nowadays, even the Auction House is shared among realms - for stackables like mats and pots only for now, but it could become fully region-wide in future.

Large servers are still the best place to find a wide range of guilds, though.

If you are thinking of returning and paying with gold, you can very easily make enough for a Token in Dragonflight by doing World Quests with 5 or 6 characters at level 70. Average 15K per week per character = 60Kper month per character. Takes about 1-2 hours a week per character, so 5-12 hours a week in total. There are also other ways to make gold, ofc, but that one is easy for everyone if you have the characters.

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I think it is definitely worth returning to play! There are so many versions of the game to choose from and they all provide a unique experience. Dragon flight is going good, ICC just released on WOTLK and the Classic Era realms are thriving on both regular and hardcore realms. If you can find the means to resub, I definitely suggest doing so!