Things Blizzard will not Change:

Since the blue post stated

I know he mentions bugs here specifically, and I think that is probably a nod to spell batching everyone is concerned abut.

But I cannot help but think about things that will not be removed or changed due to the amount of work that will be needed to alter the game code just do make 7.3.5 more like 1.12…

Hunter Stables being 20 deep (Patch 4 something)
Guild Banks (2.3)
Mount tab (I forget)
Mail as mentioned above (Too many changes to list)

What things do you think are going to be left in their 7.3.5 status?

What things would you not play over… are you seriously going to not play Classic if there is a mount tab or access to a guild bank or hunters with 20 stable slots?

I highly doubt that will be kept.


They said mail was being reverted to the old school mail. Hopefully gbanks are left though.

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Mail will not be changed back. Because add ons can do what mail does today. The time to get the mail will be vanilla… allegedly. So mail gets a partial vanilla correction.

Stables are already limited for players while leveling, and the number of pets allowed gets higher with levels gained. I don’t understand the idea that it would be difficult to keep it limited the entire game.

That’s a rabbit hole I prefer not to go down, but I don’t see those as a problem for them to disable, either, should they decide to do so.

There will be no other type of Collections such as transmog, heirlooms or pet, so why would they leave in a mount tab? The thing is, in vanilla/Classic, a lot of players didn’t have a lot of these things. Some did have multiple mounts and pets, of course, but enough to fill a mount tab? Nahhh.

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Not allegedly? They already confirmed it.

I think he said right there in the post pinned at the top of this forum that they are not going to change how mail works. Meaning the number of items you can mail. The time you have to wait will be classic and what I think you are referring to from the Classic Panel. Thus, mail is getting a sorta Vanilla fix.

Are you trolling or just ignoring info blizzard gave on the panel? Ion said they are reverting the mail.

Not that blizzard is completely honest like in the case of lying about sharding but that’s what they said atleast

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Confirmations regarding classic mail:

Travel time: Vanilla
Interface and features: Updated


As far as the amount of work they have been working on it for around a year before they even announced it.

Remove the hook and turn off the access to that part of the DB. It is actually really simple.

They don’t even need to remove “the hook” since the clickable interface on me he did not even exist in 1.12.

The infrastructure for guild banks may be present, but unless they change the code and add a clickable interface object, there will not be a way to access it.

They would have to change the code and remove the clickable object. Work they might not be willing to do because it does not effect the core game play, its not a quest or something they mentioned as a priority.

Leave guild banks in classic and **** the #nochanges zealots.

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I cannot wait for the first warrior main to quit Classic because some hunter streamer has 20 pet slots…

Depends. If they can be instantiated via API endpoint, they’d be wise to remove the routing for now, so there’s no chance that an enterprising add-on developer could ghetto recreate them.

The clickable object did not ecist in the 1.12 code or the 1.12 data.

Why would they have to remove something that was never part of the 1.12 code or data?

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They’re not using the 1.12 code. They’re paring back the modern engine and recreating the data inside a modern normalized relational data structure.

Even if they only use the 1.12 data, those guild bank clickable objects were never part of the 1.12 data.

It’s like transmogs, the collections system, achievements, etc. The infrastructure would support them, but since they were not part of the 1.12 data or code, they will effectively not exist in classic

We don’t know how they’re doing their data migration, or how quasi-interface objects like the guild bank chest work inside the game. While the artwork certainly exists within the database, does the object reside in the data or the code? It’s really hard to say.