Thief rogue transmog

Hey guys I’m not sure how many of you know of or have played the thief game but I was just curious if there were any Transmogs in game that gave a look at least somewhat similar to that? I’ll try to post a Pic later when I figure out how to do it
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The old Shadowcraft set is the only thing that springs to mind.

That sorta looks OK but it’s not what I’m wanting exactly. You would think by now there would be a basic thief inspired set in this game lol

Its a cool idea, but we are not Thief’s we are Rogues.

same thing in alot of fantasy lore honestly. even so a simple roguish set would be a nice addition i think to the wow transmog

you can mix and match a mog set to resemble what you’re looking for. not perfect, but…

No, not really I played Thief in FFXI and it was way different in skills and abilities. Similar but not same.

Looks to be a good start, an exact match is not likely, although IIRC there are some torn cloaks that came with the legion pre event. Also, I think that the D3 (BC dungeon set) chest piece had some daggers on it. Assassination Set I think?

awesome ty for that i didnt know about it.

Closest I came up with. You can replace the helm with Artful dodging for a face cover, but imo the gravethorn hood and waycrest guard cloak look so good on humans because there’s no gaps and the lines match perfectly making it look like a solid cloak+hood


Rogues are Spys, Thieves, Pirates, Assassins, etc. It’s a generic class title, just like “Warrior” is.

Go for the bandit set fam, use a vanilla dagger transmog with the poisoned illusion.

Instant thief

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I’ve made one myself some time ago. Maybe not exactly what you want, but well…

You can check the article here:

And the Wowhead version here:

Tell me what you think.

I like your style.

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Valerie’s guide is pretty good - best thief transmog I’ve seen that doesn’t involve the Horde only black leather.

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