They gonna update Druid, right?

It seems that after this week there won’t be further design changes.

Moonkin update is on the way but it looks like there will be no further iterations. Guardian is untouched and is universally hated. Druid class tree is the only one that hasn’t been iterated on and still has the design mentality from when they started the talent trees.

Is that it? Druid gets one pass and ships as is whether we like it or not while hunter gets 1000 changes?


It would appear that way. They can’t afford to hire more than 3 people to design 40 specs.


I hope they do :confused: last time I looked the druid tree seemed frustrating in that I couldn’t get nearly all the things I thought I should have. Really, really basic abilities seemed to compete with one another.

I hope they get to it.


Speak for yourself, allot of us are having a blast with laser bear on beta.


Didn’t the initial developer phone it in and quit?

Feral is ending the season doing less DPS than tanks in about half the dungeons, so if they’re dropping the ball even further I’m not feeling optimistic.

Ferals in 15’s

Tanks in 15’s

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You are banking all your money on moonfire on bear, its just gonna get nerfed during tuning and all you have left is a hollow spec.

This post is not only about the bear tree but the class tree. The only class tree that has received no iterations because the dev quit blizzard


They have finished changing the trees, now they are starting to tune the numbers

Not banking on anything. Said I’m having a blast with it as in how it plays as its already changed tuning 3 times so far. Also said speak for youself as in op said everyone when not its not everyone.

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They’ve been tuning the numbers for the last two years.

As far as M+ is concerned the difference between the best and worst performers has steadily increases over the course of the expansion and the problem of tanks out performing DPS didn’t start to show itself until 9.2.

For M+ they’ve really backed themselves into a corner with tanks. Self healing, high mobility, working kite mechanics, no per mob penalty to their mitigation… It’s left them with one viable damage profile and they refuse to balance the specs to it.

They said a majority of their time will be shifted to tuning and bug fixes. Doesn’t mean they’re finished with talent tree iterations. There will just be a good bit less than what we’ve been getting.

Im 100% for guardian and the base druid tree getting some updates still. :+1:

Quite a few people (Max, Izen, etc) have stated that they were pretty sure our class tree was still on it’s way. And honestly, Druid has so much potential to have a really amazing class tree.

Druid right now is playable. Tuning right now could keep us a simple but effective class and feral and balance trees look amazing while resto remains very solid and dependable.

But if the class tree update gets a good dose of their new design philosophy from the later iterations, I think we are all in for a very fun class. And if we don’t get it? Well… we’ll still be fun. Honestly. We just won’t be revolutionized from how we played in SL.


i find the class tree to be really lame compared to other classes who have access to dps talents that are really cool


Hey at least Druid is oklish Try pally. All three spec for pally is worse than SL (that’s how bad it is). 3 points to get wings to how SL works, a few points in pony to get it somewhat useful. Ret tree is a mess, Port pally avenger’s shield not generating holy power and it been point out is a bad design. Holy is the only tree that look half decent.

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druid tree is far worse than pally tree. You actually lose Dps\healing\tanking cds if you try to get the spells back that we already have. Its effectively giving druids less spells than shadowlands unless the druid wants to nerf itself to get its old spells\utility back


Where is my sad Titanic meme music?

at least the paladins had less time than the druids with their talent tree… we druids have settled since it came out more than 2 months ago.

Surely they won’t go live with multiple 3 point nodes, multiple dead capstone talents, and requiring 7(!) talent points for Cyclone, right?

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Most people that talk about guardian druid say there are a plethora of problems with the tree. Just even go into the druid discord, or see what some of the best tank players have too say on it.
There are alot of problems with talent placement in the tree and the anti synergy of incarn and moonfire playstyles.

Not saying its perfect but as far it’s position compared to other tanks its doing well. Dk, pali we can’t exactly complain. It’s not exactly anti synergy its choose a build feral tank bear or laser bear both have different play styles and uses and honestly that’s a good thing you can decide what path you want to go for what situation.

You are going to end up with incarn because of its strength in the first place. There are 3 nodes around the tree that pidgeon hole you into taking incarn. Same with the moonfire junk, just to get to incarn you are forced too take arcane dmg and dot talents.
To be able too simply just use incarn you have too waste points in moonfire talents again making this not an actual choice.

It really isnt a choice when the tree lines you up to take those nodes just to get too the bottom of the tree.
Also when using incarn gg procs are prefered over using thrash even in larger pulls. That dosent feel good.

The tree bear that first released was many many times better then what we have now, but for some reason they felt the need too spread out talents that combo with eachother and add stupid talents like ursine vigor which simply isnt even a choice on whether or not we take it.