They Give What Was Asked For...But People are Mad

No other game allows people to say “although i haven’t done this content, I’m okay with it being difficult and I feel the rewards justify such difficulty?”

I haven’t attempted nuclear physics but i’m sure those who majored in it deserve their salary. Is saying that not allowed?

I realize that you mistakenly think you are somehow making a valid point, but you really need to bow out of this conversation because you don’t even understand the very words you are typing.

Not really. You just seem incapable of more than what you think are cute quips :man_shrugging: Seems like a problem of basic education. You can fix that fairly easily though I’m sure and it is YOUR problem. Sweety :slight_smile:

I was trying to be nice and not say that but yes, if you ever get past say, junior high, then get back to us when you can post something relevant.

You were being anything but nice and have been trying to troll this entire time and you know you have. The conversation is just beyond what you’re capable of as of this moment as demonstrated by your inability to really respond in any coherent manner at all. Hence the usage of quips, “it should be obvious”, as well as an assumption that I’m young enough to not have finished junior high (really you’re trying to use quips and this was the most basic thing you could come up with? xD sad) This does bring you joy though even if it doesn’t really contribute any so as I said before. Carry on :slight_smile:

You are trolling, period. Even blizzard says you are trolling.

How about you educate yourself before you embarrass yourself any further.

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Oh wow I actually got to him xD Troll successfully trolled. Thanks. That made my day lol

Funny, first time in these forums? US forums are more toxic than LoL, you won’t find happy people here, at all. You find them in game. People here spread so much filth, and once you enter the actual game, you find chill happy people playing, not going every 5 seconds “omg this sucks iM OUT this is garbage”. They take pee breaks, make dad jokes and play their stuff. The real player isn’t here, it’s in game, here is the hellhole of WoW. Hopefully the Council won’t have this level of toxicity of people spamming “FF is better dead game sucks I want everything handed to me no timegate no RNG drop i want to finish the game in 1 week or dead and fly day 1 lol”
If you think I’m exaggerating, check wowhead comments, no matter what is posted, absolutely all posts have people complaining and bickering, even if its “new pets”

As I said before I don’t think you understood the point of the post nor do I think you understand what trolling is. But that’s ok :slight_smile:

It’s not just the complaints though. It’s the constant incessant need to be right. The forums that way are good for one thing: a laugh. That’s about it lol. I think for the more positive game discussions you go to discords :slight_smile:

Blizzard already confirmed you are trolling. Hopefully they ban you so we don’t have to read any more of your drivel. :slight_smile:

indeed, I am in discord with my guild and PTR testing DCs, and we chill… these supposed “vocal majority” is pure feces, people are never satisfied, behave like sheet and want the devs to cuddle us like well-behaved babies, as if we were so noble and cute to them and not spread filth every chance we get.

Where did I say it was the only reason stayed subbed. It was A reason just like the current iteration is A reason.

Just go back to qq’ing that the elites are keeping you from having fun

I have no intentions of doing it what’s funny to me is the skeleton’s of both alliance and horde are stacking up so much that it’s making my game lag also some of the comments folks are making are hilarious needless to say I’ve learned a few new not so pleasant fruity language words.

Come on you can do better than this :smiley: Just because you don’t understand either of those things I pointed out does not mean you need to get reductive. At least try to keep being funny? Or are you out of quips :rofl:

First time in trade chat?

You are really, really confused. I will chalk it up to dain bramage.

No its not a happy thing if something is brought back on demand it should be at the very least doable even if as a challange but thats clearly not the issue here . Every single elitiest said that MT will be a joke and we will lose our uniqueness (which is stupid imo ) now its back without original rewards being tougher than it was in legion .
So no i m not happy as i was waiting to do this from the day it was told to be returning and its not hard its impossible as my challange as guardian is ending in 10 secs while i m alive and velen dies.

What’s trade chat? All I see are ads for sales :^)

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I am in fact quite cognizant of the situation, the conversation and the context of it all thank you very much. Childish response though. Not very funny but I suppose it made you laugh. Good job! :smiley: