These Blue quotes about Alterec Valley, facepalm

I play 3 av yesterday. And tbh it wasn’t that fun. No need to cap tower or anything just zerg fest. I was surprise that it work. It was over before i even know it.
Even in retail you still Need to capture tower at least.
Why this zerg tactic work on classic?

sounds like pvp happened on a pvp server, maybe you should reroll pve.

Ironically you can’t zerg AV in retail, lmao. Galv/Belinda alone wipes O if people don’t go in full force
Free pve gear in clascic auto attacking mc/ony, free pvp gear watching netflix in AV and so on is miles away from anything considered hardmode btw, classic is pretty chill.

True but all it gave was rep, and less bag spaces tbh.

Takes me 25 mins most of the time and some AVs did last almost 2 hours, giving me 3 levels.

As much as i wanted to agree with you i have yet to see the playerbase pro actively making it a legendary battle, horde do it easily by simple turtling.
And thats how horde used to win AVs in TBC, they would turtle.

Major issue here is the honor system, it encourages the instant gratification behaviour
In TBC the same AV had long turtles because what mattered were marks and not honor points.

If by a miracle blizzard makes an AV where you can’t rush… people would just spam WSG to do the same thing.

its 1.6


I can’t imagine why. Blizzard emphatically never gave anyone any reason to expect a version of AV other than 1.12. Blue made it clear literally months and months ago.

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True. They like to troll the forums sometimes too.

Yeah, I remember when that thread came out and he said that. I was…disappointed with that mentality. Actually that’s not true. I was sickened by it. And we see the results now. This is what 1.12 AV supports: a zerg.

It’s too bad, because the original version of the battleground was so unique and interesting. Two warrior factions just going at it. The players were merely a small part of the battle. The devs completely abandoned the entire point of the bg. And that was back in Vanilla. And then the Classic devs instead of returning to the original version…gave us what players have been experiencing for 10+ years, and still can experience today in BfA. I just don’t understand that design philosophy.


I still have a Tauren Hoof in my bank on my lvl 120 undead warrior after some weird glitch let me loot a Tauren during vanilla AV. I’ll always cherish it to this day.

Whatever helps you sleep at night. Classic is one of the LEAST skill based and MOST rock-paper-scissors based versions of pvp with Gear disparities thrown in for good measure.


Bfa failed when thousands of players would rather play a 15 year old game then a modern version of the same game.

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LOL! No.


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nah, people are still playing it too

times change…


Oh wow, look at you- very smart guy.
I guess you never heard about statistic and representative sample.

Which is exactly what happened in Vanilla before AV changed; hardly any players were engaging in AV battles except for the dedicated few who genuinely enjoyed the original battleground and those players were hilariously outnumbered by people who preferred the quick in/out games AB and WSG offered. Those were the people, even prior to 1.12, in every single AV screaming OMG HURRY UP SO I CAN GET IN ANOTHER ONE.

I played on a high-medium realm in those days and there was only ever one AV going; a second one would pop up on the weekends.

Have you heard about representative sample ? People with complaints are not representative of all players playing.

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lol? That’s why I can win every single 1v1 matchup with each class? Only noobs think its rock paper scissors. Thats more for BFA, where there is hardly a skill gap.

Yeah, who wants 2 hours AVs?

I want EIGHT hour AVs.

If people wanted 2 hours AV, they’d be fighting instead of losing and then requeueing all the time.

Rush Alliance head on. Use check points.

At this point in the game, it’s VERY unlikely Blizzard is going to rebuild the original version of AV from the ground up. AV is what it is. Make do.

They do it because it works. It shouldn’t work. Towers should be obliterating passerbys and the bosses should not be killable with towers up.

I fully intend to cause turtles as much as I possibly can once I reach 60.

Um, you do know they did precisely that and then used it for a limited time, not in classic, but in bfa… right? That is why so many want to punch blizzard through their monitors.

They literally have a working early AV.