These Blue quotes about Alterec Valley, facepalm

The entirety of classic is watered down gameplay. It makes sense for AV to be watered down too

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I mean…there’s me.

i actually play classic and can make comments about it because i play both classic and retail. you don’t even play retail and just assume it’s super easy and sucks.

I wouldn’t say Classic as a whole is watered down.

Players just know now what to gear for and what the strats are so they can burn down the content much faster than when it was all new.

They didn’t strip the attunements or auto-extinguish the Runes of Rag or anything like that.

you’re 350 ilevel. you can afk to over 400 if you actually played retail at all. lol.

My favorite:

Except not really when bosses can be zerged down in 5 minutes.


Because I was playing at launch, did the Mythics, worked towards the keys while grinding Arena and said “Nope, not finding Uldir fun.”

Doesn’t matter what the ilvl is NOW.

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The zerging is a player created problem. Again, 1.12 was indeed original to Vanilla. ALSO all their other content is 1.12. So it makes sense. Take all that with the fact Blizzard said themselves they are using 1.12 data. That’s all the concrete data they have. The “1.5 version” for retain is a best guess recreation for max level toons. So, AGAIN, this is actual Vanilla content using the SAME patch as everything else AND the only hard concrete patch info they had on hand.

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You and your honor level 11 self? :joy:

you have no current experience with bfa which makes your opinion not worth a whole lot. you did nothing and then complain about retail not being good.

“You need to play BfA”

I did, it wasn’t fun and quit, a lot of people did too and they brought in Classic to bring us back.

“Well you need to play BfA more!”



Working towards something wasnt fun. Youd much rather one shot every molten core boss week 1 in the raid. I understand.

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there are only 2500 people playing classic ? I did not know that.

I was vocal about bringing back the original AV. The one many of us never had a chance to experience.
From all the posting, I gather this version of AV is one people who never played original AV and those that did, have already experienced and hate.
Blizz blizz blizz, it was a vocal minority that clamored for a re-release of Vanilla when retail players and all your metrics probably showed little interest in it. Well the turnout probably showed you, you dont always know better.
Now when the avid BG/PVP players tried to convince you that the version of AV you should have went with was the original version, you decide to follow your metrics and go with the version more familiar to retail pvp players and once more discover from just the first day, you dont always know better, again!


you think a super nerfed version of classic is somehow more fun and challenging than max level bfa content when you admit yourself to not even doing it. this is your argument.

There is no point talking to wall of brick.
Save your oxygen
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I’m arguing that we should have the long grindy version of AV that dragged on for hours and involved a lot of players fighting one another because Zerging just wasn’t feasible.

Isn’t this whole thing about how we want 1.5 AV?

the bosses were not that strong in vanilla, they were buffed in TBC

remember in the original AV we had 1.5 talents and gear too, they would have to make a lot of changes to get something resembling that now

I’m flying to Gadgetzan from Darn…I’m just burning some time. =P