There's no way N'zoth is actually dead

If it just took a necklace with some planet juice then the Titans would have done that from the start.
I mean, I wouldn’t put it past Danuser to have intended N’zoth be dead at the end of BfA. But it would not take any level of contrivance to bring him back. If anything bringing him back would make more sense than leaving him dead.


I mean…

All it took to murder Cthun and Yog-Saron was a gang of 40 and 10/25 people respectively, stabbing and spelling them to death to kill them completely, so…

A magic necklace and a lot of stabbing and spelling isn’t beyond the realm of plausibility.


Part of me would prefer if the old gods never died, but it’s probably not really feasible story wise long term.


Why not? I would imagine it’d be the other way around, leaving them dead is already causing problems with the narrative.


N’Zoth was hit with outright Re-Origination that reconstitutes a World according to the Gardens of Life’s Blueprint for Reality: The Emerald Dream.

There is no way Azeroth would have survived Re-Originating N’Zoth if he were still on it and there is no way Eonar would have allowed Re-Origination to happen on her watch!

The official reason the Titan Keepers experimented on G’huun and created him accidentally in the first place was because they noticed the Old God corruption could reanimate expired tissue.

They clearly didn’t comprehend that just because someone has Necromantic Corruption that doesn’t mean they can’t be killed! The Titans clearly have no understanding of Necromancy at all!

I still hate this idea that these god-beings that are capable of creating wonders beyond anyone’s understanding and are masters of powers beyond comprehension were somehow in the dark about 80% of the universe.

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titans couldnt kill him
what makes you think you can?

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We are the chosen one, the players, we killed every villain from a low level kobolt to powerful mages like kael’thas, lords of the dead like kel thuzad and the lich king, we killed even a crazed robot trying to restart the universe, why would we not kill a squid with a seducing voice trying to slave us?

His brother were already on the sushi menu 12 years ago why would he not be a part of the meal?

I could be wrong, but I don’t think C’thun and Yogg’Saro are Dead dead and most sources list them as being more in a comatose state.

And in DF, it was hinted through the that one timeline jumping quest with Chromie, that N’zoth as far back as the Black Empire knew we would kill him and therefore it was part of his plan.

We also heard Yog’Saron whispering to us when we revisited Ulduar during Legion. So those two might actually come back some day


Yeah they are probably just dead not dead dead. They will probably return in midnight or last titan to be bosses in one or more raid/dungeons regarding the void.

I hope at least n zoth could be an ally of us, rather just a minion of the void, giving him was somewhat friendly to us the whole expansion.

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I don’t think I’d be opposed to learning that the Old Gods are still, “alive,” but the caveat would be that they’ve been excised from Azeroth by our actions. In other words, they’ve returned to the void, the same way other entities from other planes reform in their native planes upon being destroyed elsewhere.

That opens them up as future antagonists, without rendering the player’s achievements in removing them as pointless; we’ve removed the parasites draining our world.

N’Zoth is the only one I think should be canonically dead, as they were killed in Nya’lotha. It’d be the equivalent of killing Archimonde in the Nether, or demons on Argus.

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Did we actually remove the Old gods though? People tend to forget that bulk of the remaining old gods are still deep within Azeroth. All we did was kill a small portion of their physical bodies. The parts that we could see anyway.

And we know what happened the last time someone tried to completely remove an old god from Azeroth. She nearly bled to death.

As for N’Zoth, with the one Chromie quest we got when we traveled back in time to the Black Empire and he recognizes us for who we are and that we will kill him in the future, it’s possible that he also planned for that inevitable moment and we’ll see him again someday

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There wouldn’t have been much point to our, “victories,” if we didn’t accomplish that much.

I mean, sure, we killed the parts of them we can see, but they’re also described as being deeply imbedded in Azeroths crust.

Which is why I ask if they’re truly dead. A victory, even a temporary one, does count I guess. I’m just not convinced they’re gone for good.

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As I said, gone from Azeroth would be the right way to go about it. That doesn’t mean they won’t show up again, just that they’re no longer currently on Azeroth. We go to the Void? They could be some of the zones. Walk around inside of C’thun or Yogg-Saron. They could even be raid bosses again.

If we killed them, and they returned to the Void, then that’s fine. If we killed them, but not really they’re still here, that’s lame. Why even have the raid to begin with?

One of WoWs biggest faults is that the game suffers immensely from not having many multi-expansion villians. Every one we met is usually killed in the same expansion they’re introduced in.

Be nice to see more villians, in the vein of Iridrikron and hell, even Garrosh, survive a bit longer is all.

Though granted, the old gods were far more interesting when we knew so little about them, but that’s another topic :wolf:


You’re not wrong, but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

Bringing the Old Gods back, feels like the bad way. “Wait, didn’t we kill these fools decades ago? They’ve been alive this whole time? Doing what?” That’s the question that cannot be answered. They’ve been a non-entity in the story for so long that their sudden return is jarring.

Blizzard has a serious problem when it comes to seeding and their setting. They don’t set anything up, which is why so many big bads are awful. The Jailer? Some never before heard of gods from another plane of existence? We’re supposed to believe he was behind everything since WC3? Really? The Primalists suffered the same nonsense. We’d never heard of them before. Blizzard decided to drag the Titan’s through the mud just to try to give the Primalists some nuance.


Exploring Northrend says that Yogg-saron’s influence is still being felt.

Danuser said the Old Gods physical forms were destroyed but they are still manifestations. Y’shaarj’s physical form was destroyed and his heart was still able to corrupt Garrosh and manifest the Sha.

The Old Gods are not physical beings, they don’t “die.”

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Cho’gall tried to resurrect C’thun’s corpse.

Honestly, and this is more me playing devils advocate becayse I do waht them to come back, but I’d say it’s more just them existing without ever really being knocked out for good tbh. Though I will say it is a little silly the old gods got killed by just a raid group smacking them a bit.