There's no war within alpha... Should we worry?

No, it is a problem. Alpha tests exist for a reason and that’s to start getting feedback and find issues. Alpha isn’t a gameplay phase, it’s a testing phase and having fewer eyes on it isn’t great.


This means it is the end… of the world… of Warcraft! Can you feel like I can feel it champion? The cold foreboding eerie silence in the room. Icy and lonely to the touch is the air on my very skin!

I sense Lich King 2.0

There must always be a Lich King! At last the Scourge will run rampant and the end will being as the Devourers are set lose upon us all.

I don’t think there are NDAs for the F&F Alpha, but I can 100% guarantee you that there’s a closed Alpha right now and that this is the exact reason why literally every WoW content creator all said “not streaming until Wednesday” at the same time.

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No one said there’d be no alpha. Most people are expecting it to drop this week.

Am I crazy or does it say right there that “We have begun the alpha testing phase”.

Why is everyone expecting it this week? Didn’t they just release the Timewalking beta? I see a lot of content creators talking about that

Just another thread to put on ignore.


Because it’s on the roadmap between 10.2.6 and S4 and this week is the last chance for alpha to be where it’s supposed to be.

Not crazy but the link is about dragonflight

Alpha is going to their NDA / encrypted test servers as of MMO-Champions news the other day.

This means Alpha is on the way. Probably within the month with my educated guess. Beta will probably be 8 weeks after that.

everybody knows when tww launches is when alpha begins and dragonflight goes from beta to live. its how its always been with a xpac from blizzard. why are you freaking out? tww will have 2 years of beta

Okay, that makes sense now.

Blizz drops alpha’s like you drop your pants very slowly.

Well that didnt take long for zuma(clark) to come back to fear monger everyone again. He’ll never change, even after playing the victim last time lol.

Really this just means they are doing one longer phase instead of two different named phases.

You could also say they have made the Alpha as large as the Beta, so it could mean less bugs actually. Hard to say with out exact details on number of users included and time frame.

PS we should always worry. It’s a total crap shoot if we will get a good expansion or a dud. Historically this next one should suck as they always seem to be tiktok, but we kind of had two duds after Legion debatably so maybe we will get two solid expansions.

edit: just a quick rexplain. Calling it an alpha or beta doesn’t matter. What matters is number of testers * time testing, and amount of time to fix and retest.

As far as I remember, havent most, if not all, of the expansion alphas been under NDA? We don’t start seeing things until the Beta where we then start hearing from the alpha testers what changed between the alpha and beta?

No, they haven’t done NDA’s since the pre-Wrath days.

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Darnit, Zuma. I complimented you for the info on Remix powers and now you go and pull this fear mongering?

I only ever have WoWhead and this site for WoW news. I don’t remember ever seeing posts going into detail of whats in the alpha? Am I misremembering? I just don’t see why everyone is so concerned about the alpha when nothing is ever released from it?