There's no war within alpha... Should we worry?

Dragonflight had alpha

They are just going straight to beta… Meaning you either get in with opting in or you pay $100 for guaranteed beta

This doesn’t sound good for war within

Oh no, we can’t play an even more broken version of the game

It’s all over, cancel the pre-orders


Usually beta is meant for fine tuning things, alpha is to implement expansion features and see if they crap out on you at first

alpha starts on game day launch


Have they said something ive not seen?

Theyre doing sign ups for beta but no release date for its been given.

And alpha is on their 2024 roadmap


Or they just didn’t announce alpha testing like they did for DF.
Also, the opt-in just means they’re preparing for the beta - doesn’t mean beta invites are going to start flying out this week.


Nothing to see here. Just another Zumakind drama post.


Did they remove alpha from the roadmap?

War Within alpha is probably already here alongside the creator event that is going on literally right now. Will be all over YouTube tomorrow.

It’s Monday morning. The soonest alpha would go up today is later this afternoon after they’ve had a few dozen glasses of bourbon.

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What Event?

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So pay it, most people have paid it already myself included and if you are gonna play next xpac you have to buy it anyway so if this is really that important to you.


Also I recently heard a large wow twitter account say they’ve been getting alpha invites since legion. So down with his monopoly. Would love it if there were no alpha.

As somebody who’s found many bugs over many alpha & beta tests… no, you wouldn’t.


Lol yeah, maybe spoke too soon.

Edit: IdK, they could do it internally?

whos to say there isnt one to the public. maybe they had dozens of streamers test it behind the scenes. friends and family? if you think about it. beta will prob tell them more with the amount of people who are gunna get in

Don’t worry you will be bug testing in release.

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SoD is what the game looks like with no testing.

I love SoD but the no testing thing definitely holds it back.

Alpha happens for every expansion. Just because we might not hear about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

This ‘it only exists if I see it’ mentality is really flawed. People think Blizz doesn’t even start working on expansions until they’re officially announced, when the reality is that they’re often working at least two expansions out from where retail’s currently at.

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