There are no more threats to Azeroth

Yes, basically there are no threats to anything at this point. Over ten years has taught us the formula is really simple, reach max level, check the best path for whatever new system they put in place for that expansion, gear up, and kick a$$.

Lich Kings, Dragon Aspects, Old Gods, Titans, it doesn’t matter, if Azeroth herself stood against the player she’d be destroyed there is nothing stopping the player, no mountain too tall, pit too deep, no heaven, no hell, nothing more powerful than the player and we will resolve anything that is thrown at us within half the time the expansion is current so there isn’t even a rush at this point.

If you’re looking forward to any twists or turns in this plot in the next expansion, look elsewhere, by the time beta is done, we will all know the end game. Time to kick back relax and destroy the next big bad.

Blizzard has already said that we’ll be going to other realities/worlds/dimensions for our content for the next few years. Azeroth has earned a break.


We haven’t even seen the other side of Azeroth yet.



Ya that’s why that big red sword is still in silithus

It was depowered in Legion and the Azerite issue was resolved in BfA. The sword is more like Azeroth’s earring at this point.

Azeroth is flat!


During the Astromancer encounter in NH, don’t we learn that like Azeroth is the only world, or one of the few worlds left that have not been completely taken over by the void? We’re kind of like the last bastion of unenslaved or dominated life in the universe or something? I’m sure there’ll always be threats for us to overcome. I don’t think, however, that we’ll ever face a foe who cannot actually beat in some way =/

I have a theory that one of the future expansions will be us going to an Old God-infested world and cleanse it, purifying its Worldsoul and gaining a new ally.

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Yes but they said there was a backside to it at some point. Or course they also said there would be a dance studio.


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I’m the next threat I also target hunter pets first and break the 4th wall during boss fights by making your mouse and keyboard stop working, I then tickle to you to death.

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Um… (blushes)


Still a better end boss than what BfA had to offer. :stuck_out_tongue:

that would be really awesome and a chance to add yet another new race that is completely different

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Also when I see you guys coming for me I start eating and drinking potions. If you aren’t ready by the time my countdown ends then to bad…

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Mal’Ganis is still out there…

Plotting… plottingly.

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Any number of threats could easily emerge from space.

The most practical one I can think of is something like an Etheral Empire.

Azeroth herself is a threat… There is countless universes and who knows how many planets off of Azeroth itself. The number of potential threats is endless.

I wrote a thinkpiece about why mmos were in decline a few years ago.

One of the points i made was that since warcraft hit the big stage in 2004 we had less resources and guides on ‘how to play’ in example back then clicking was very common even for raiders and pvpers. There was no concrete “do this spec for this” it was all very much in the air.

This lack of direction and guidance gave way to a lot of exploration and stumbling into scenarios that would later become nostalgic, was it effecient to stop questing in duskwood and run all the way to hinterlands for our whirlwind weapons? No. But we didnt know better. We just did it because we hit level 30 and the quest became available.

I would say burning crusade and the induction of arenas and daily quest rep grinds that we started to understand the formula of MMORPGs even now when a new mmo comes out, we know how to play it, look up guide, rush to max level, get gear, look up raid guide get more gear etc.

We cant unlearn that formula and thats why we cant chase that wanderlust and nostalgia

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yeah, you go play all the other MMORPGs and tell us how they’re different. Go for it. It’s all the same formula.