There are no longer any healthy servers left to play on

There’s a few things that some players will just never accept and that is that there’s very little reason to not play on “THE” server because they’re guaranteed to last and it’s better to just deal with queues for awhile than waste your time on a dead server.

The second being that most people simply do not care about World PVP and most of the time will just pick the dominated server of whatever faction they want to play because better PVE guilds have almost always gone to PVP servers. Hence why the biggest NA servers are Benediction for Alliance and Whitemane / Faerlina for Horde.

It’s always been like this.


If you don’t think data about server population is relevant then stop saying people shouldn’t have “rolled on risky servers”. Nobody had a crystal ball to predict what the server results would be today. Your statements only really apply to people who rolled their characters a few months ago.

A lot of what you say is really out there and I don’t even know where you’re coming from.

This is another lie.
Why you completely digging into factually incorrect statements?

If your data included pre-patch players - you’d have a point.

We CAN predict things because it’s happened before.

Like I said - the definition of insanity is doing the same things multiple times and expecting a different result.


You literally posted a data source that excluded pre-launch players… to argue that server population was balanced prior to pre-launch…

I can’t anymore.

You’re just making things up at this point.


So if I asked in July 2020 about what server would be healthy in January 2022 you could have told me the exact server to roll on?

Unlike you, who appears to have come from outer space (but maybe you used to post on another char, who knows), I’ve been watching these servers the whole time. There was a point when I stopped telling people to come to Earthfury (based on what I was seeing with the population shifts). The ones who rolled here before that point wouldn’t have known the future.

I still can’t figure out why you are posting about this on this forum when you seem to be pretty happy with the TBCC mega servers including the faction balance and how things have turned out. Maybe you could explain that instead of insulting me for showing server populations again.

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you aren’t going to see any solutions. look at the recent community council blue post.

“hey community, come up with a solution that doesn’t affect anyone”. yeah good luck with that.

i’ve brought up faction specific login queues several times, since vanilla classic, on different forums and this one. even the players don’t want to hear it. everyone wants a perfect solution that doesn’t exist.


Not really a relevant question since if you were joining in July 2020 it was to play classic… not TBC.

We are talking about TBC after all.

If your goal in 2020 was to play TBC - any sane person would tell you to wait for pre patch.


Except that there were many people who continued on from Classic. These aren’t fresh servers. No wonder you don’t care about the communities etc. Why would you?

I linked you the exact data that a person who was rolling for TBCC would have looked at when picking a server and you just went on and on about how irrelevant it was.

Pretty funny, you didn’t even answer my questions about when you started playing and why you care about this stuff. You also appear to enjoy twisting things. The convos have been fun but that’s enough. Hopefully you can find others to talk to on here.

You didn’t actually.
Stop repeating this lie.

It was achieved - meaning anyone that played the pre-patch event was not counted.

Pre-patch population is what you want to look at when determining server strength for joining TBC.

Especially given that we know there would be a faction switch in TBC.

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Could have easily told you in July of 2020 that whitemane, faerlina and benediction were the largest servers in classic.

Faerlina was the biggest faction wildcard but that was down to alliance streamers quitting and their fans moving on.


I’ve played WoW since 2004.

Played the first few months of classic but guild collapsed and I stopped playing.

Wanted to get back into TBC but faction imbalance issues turned me off from it.

Currently leveling though on benediction in preparation for wrath.

Thanks for answering about your history.

Did you predict that Herod was going to die too?

I used to recommend those servers to people who liked mega servers, it was nice when there were options and more people could enjoy the game.

Herod’s population died off really quickly.

It was not recommended for alliance within 6 months.

Even horde population dwindled substantially during classic.

So yes. It was predictable.
(Herod was my original server - horde)

Blizzard needs to incentivize new players into picking servers and factions that promote server health.


it went the way of low-med pop by late AQ and dipped again when naxx came out. Most of us assumed it would die by sunwell, we were a phase early

Grobb is 63/37. No matter what you want to think, it’ll be 100% alliance and then completely dead by phase 5. Transfer to benediction.


Yes. Absolutely. They need to study this and add some levers that make minority faction desirable.

Yea… seems like someone should figure out what’s going on there. How many years of data do you need?


There really aren’t any levers that can be pulled there, what would you suggest?

They could merge realms in such a way as to try to balance pops.

I’d sooner quit.
Without Grobb community there is no point.