There Are No ‘Beta Keys’ for WoW Classic

(Darknesself) #21

I’ll be selling the pitchforks for everyone who didn’t get in.

Reserve yours now.


Bump. No one understand how Blizzard intends to inform testers that they are in. Even streamers are in the dark. Email? Bnet? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

(Xeldzheir) #23

Can you please clarify if we need an active sub to be invited AND play the Beta? According to this WoWHead article, we do.


Do you have one with Fiery Weapon?


Yes, Active sub is needed.


Sad that this has to be said.

(Darknesself) #27

Yes, here you go, friend :slight_smile:


They’re just wanting to keep this one to a small set of testers. So I wouldn’t assume that.


If by a small miracle and 0.001% chance we are selected, do we get an email? Or what’s the delivery method?

(Idun) #31

Interpretive dance. Metzen and Jeremy Feasel will come to your front door.

(Eadren) #32

You get a notification via email that your account is accepted into the Beta. I received mine a few minutes ago.


We are so far in

tears of joy


We are the chosen ones. We sacrificed our blood. We killed the dragon!


when will classic beta launch ???



Meme reference.jpg

(Impsie) #37

You will get an email and you will see the option to play beta in your launcher, in the dropdown menu under WoW.


plz blizz. gave my heart and soul to this game

(Gildark) #39

Are you a current subscriber? Can you provide a screenshot showing that you’re accepted?


I don’t see a drop down menu?


That’s b8.