There are Hunters on Herod levelling from 56+ by hacking DMT

Blockquote Where are you getting this 30g in sellables from gordocks entire loot table does not add up to 30g its more 5-10g.

I think you’ve forgotten about the tribute chest. You receive 7 Blues and greens and five major mana potions from every run. The blues DE into LBS and the greens into GEE’s. Plus a chance at a Compendium, the epic axe, and a 50/50 chance at a solid chest. It comes out to about 40g per run, prior to the bot takeover.

Blockquote Again there are better ways of making more gold than this.

Let me counter, if it wasn’t worth it, why are there 40+ bots in there on Herod alone?

RIGHT NOW there are 6 hackers LEVELLING by killing the king over and over.


People ALWAYS say this bs but don’t list a SINGLE way to make any better gold as a hunter than selling items from Dire M north runs.

Enlighten us

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exactly, how could anyone be so dense to not understand this. bottom iq, literally.


honestly the only motive to argue this is that they themselves are doing it or they are really really really slow to catch on to even the easiest to understand ideas.

Wow your a sassy one and lazy to if you don’t want to do a quick google search.
Selling Mara boosts
Selling ZG boosts
If your already fly hacking why not jump on the black lotus farm

He said as a hunter so your statement is not relevant.

You know that raw gold crashes an economy like nothing else, right?

Define crash economy. In real life it means the stock market plummeted, value of corporations and stocks is falling, and unemployment increases.

In wow, what would a crashed economy look like? Black lotus selling for 10g each? Just trying to understand what your hinting at.

You can make about 50g an hour farming vendoring items in dm and zf. The quantity of gold in the game has been increasing since Day 1. I’m still not sure what symptoms a crashed wow economy would show.

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Interesting point.

Inflation is defined as the general rise in prices for goods and services and lowered buying power of currency. Inflation undoubtedly has been happening (which is inevitable in any economy, let alone an MMO with infinite respawning resources) despite some items’ prices falling.

An economic crash would be (in real life) a “broad range of bad economic conditions, ranging from severe, prolonged depression with high bankruptcy rates and high unemployment, to a breakdown in normal commerce caused by hyperinflation, or even an economically caused sharp rise in death rate and perhaps even a decline in population.”

So bankruptcy, unemployment, and death rate don’t really apply to WoW, so those can be ignored.

The situation in WoW cannot be accurately described as a depression, as output is not being hindered and buyers are not drying up, nor is there deflation.

Normal commerce is not breaking down. People still trade plenty, and the inflation is not really “hyperinflation.” Yes, inflation exists, but not outside a reasonable rate. Items are not suddenly 2000x the cost (see: Venezuela).

The goods are more often overstocked rather than understocked. While there is a large degree of “hoarding” going on, that is to be expected in a game where people know all future content updates and what is needed for said content. They are still trading those goods, and not necessarily using those goods themselves to barter; they are still using the currency (gold).

You could argue there is an economically caused decline in population (I’m sure botters and the inflation have driven away some people), but that would be difficult to prove.

By any real definition, there isn’t an economic crash occurring in WoW. Are botters a problem? Sure, absolutely. Are they causing an economic crash? Nope, sorry. The economy is still functioning.


More hyperinflation than a depression. As in, things become prohibitively expensive because of the stupid amount of raw gold circulating.

The bots farming Righteous Orbs are nowhere near as damaging as the bots churning out raw gold, like the pickpocketing bots in BrD. They can operate 24/7 with impunity, not even having to leave the instance. Think about what that means for the economy.

Yup. The gold that is returned back into circulation goes into the hands of goldbuyers. The goldbuyers have higher spending habits. They don’t care about prices at all. Velocity of money skyrockets, and with it inflation. They essentially pay money to not play the game, which by the way I never understood, since you can easily avoid paying to not play the game, simply by unsubscribing. Instead they’d rather pay money for dozens of accounts, pay for transfers from dead servers, pay to buy gold directly, to buy items in gdkp, boosts, ranking bracket spots, botting software, list goes on and on. Dunno why they don’t just go for max efficiency, stay unsubscribed till the end and buy a decked account for cheap. Then they’d really be min-maxing and next-leveling this game.

Except that isn’t happening. The level of inflation is nowhere near hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is usually 50% inflation per month or greater. That might happen on a small scale with a few items as new content is released, but generally speaking the prices haven’t increased nearly that much.

We have data to back this up, too.
For example, here’s the data on Major Mana Potions:

Aside from an intense spike in cost in early July (bot banwave, iirc), the cost has not risen all that much.
2g 83s at the start of Classic. 3g 40s now. If there were hyperinflation, Major Mana Potions would cost at least 360g right now. You can look and see the same thing for EVERY tradable item in the game.

Here’s the problem with your statement: if the price of goods go up, anyone selling items gets more gold. Things aren’t prohibitively expensive; the gold value of items is just numerically higher.

That’s not to say botters aren’t a problem. They obviously are since they are contributing pretty heavily to inflation and illegitimately inflating supply, not to mention the ethical arguments about it being unfair for some people to just have their characters make gold for them while they are away, and so on. But they aren’t causing an economic crash whatsoever.

It’s just not possible for bots to cause an economic crash in the game. The concurrent players allowed on any one realm simply isn’t high enough for the quantity of botters to be able to farm to the point of causing hyperinflation. Keep in mind, the botters don’t want to crash the economy either. There’s no point botting for things if you can’t use/sell the things you’re botting for.

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What items are hyper inflating though? Since bots are causing there to be a larger supply of herbs, crystals, orbs, etc, the price of all those is lower than they should be.

I understand that if you farm raw gold all day, prices might increase but this would never result in hyperinflation.

Major Mana prices are bottoming out This is because DMT runs drop 5 major pots every run.

Example of hyperinflation.

Edge masters.

In actual vanilla no item sold for more than 2k in the AH. Now though? We are seeing items sell for price ranges that we didn’t see until wrath.

This isn’t prices people put stuff on the AH for, this is what the item sells for. The hyperinflation has caused rare items to sell for many times more than what they sold for in vanilla.

The inflation isn’t seen on common drops like Mana potions due to supply (overfarmed) vs demand. But when the supply is low on rare items, the price goes up far higher than anything seen in vanilla gold values.

Is it ruining the game to be unplayable? No, but it’s also not good for the game either.

100% agreed. There are numerous videos on this and a quick Google shows you the actual hack program used.

Bliz needs to fix this -

Why are they silent for months???

When they buy the hacked up gold and take it t GDKP’s where u got tanks throwing down 30-110k gold u know he never farmed because the hackers teleporting to plaguebloom / black lotus all day making 10k’s thousands a day sell to them cheap and they buy up all the gear they want in gdp’s = ruined economy because the ones who actually put in time to farm the gold feel they could never compete.

Sounds like you buy gold sir.

So don’t join gdkp runs? Seems like a non-problem. And if a tank drops 100k gold then you have 40 people getting 2.5k gold. That’s pretty nice!

That is nice that GDKP’S provide a good way to launder bought gold? ok

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