<TheHappyWanderers> [A] casual

(Shebs) #1
are you a casual? dont have time to farm mats?only time for 1 or 2 raid nights a week? <The Happy Wanderers>can use you!!

solid yet small group of friends playing together for years. all ex raiders whos wives and kids nolonger afford us the time to raid seriously. we run H and M dungeons and are looking to branch into raiding. we need a few to flesh out our core group of 8.

you wont find any douchenozzle raid leaders and crybaby loot !@#$%s. even our crafters do most stuff for free. only thing we demand of you is to have fun and well, discord voice.

we are looking for 2 tanks. 1 to tank, 1 to be a backup or for instances. dps or heals offspec a plus.

really like a holy priest. but can use and 2 healers . dps offspec would be good as well.

then we would like a mage and another ranged dps. basically dont suck as dps and we can use ya tho we would prefer at least 1 mage.

we like to bust chops and dont take ourselves too seriously. we realize RL takes precedence over wow so keep that in mind if applying.

you can reach us on our discord at https://discord.gg/F6KvQKz

or myself on Beeyotch@icecrown or demonessa@Icecrown, tuddyrex#1479. or try zyg#1588

or one of the guild leaders ingame at paleimitaton@icecrown or biggergame@icecrown, or try zyg#1588

(Biggergame) #2
Please hit me up if you have Questions.

(Beeyotch) #3
get with me ingame if you have any questions

(Beeyotch) #4
Still looking for a few good people

(Beeyotch) #5
im ingame now, tuddyrex#1479. or try zyg#1588

(Biggergame) #6
We are currently looking for ranged dps.

(Beeyotch) #7
Looking for a healer,tank and a ranged. Come get after it

(Sparkyhun) #8
Raid times? And days?

(Beeyotch) #9
10/12/2018 10:16 PMPosted by Sparkyhun
Raid times? And days?
as of now, just tuesday nights. 9pm. will possibly add more if RL allows

(Beeyotch) #10
looking for a few good people. raid or not, doesnt matter

(Beeyotch) #11
Have gotten a few good dps. Can use a tank for instances who has a dps offspec for raids. Maybe a bear/boom or a Dk or monk. Also looking for a priest healer for raids and dungeons.

Dont have to be well geared or know the fights. Just know how to play the class. We can help with the rest.

(Biggergame) #12
Don't be shy give us a try!

(Beeyotch) #13
Could use a monk druid or dk backup tank with a solid dps spec

(Beeyotch) #14

still looking for some good people


Could use a solid dps. Rogue DH or lock preferred. But really anyone who can do 10k+ on normal is welcome