The Wrath of the Lich King Classic Beta Has Begun!

Good question. My amount of gnome death knights will probably be equal to my amount of death knights. Possibly one less, if I decide to make a dwarf.

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this is nothing but bad news for players like me who have ZERO interest in wotlk classic. i forgot how long does this mean we have with tbc?

I’m still not sure why Arthas decided to raise Gnomes into his service. You’d need like three of them stacked on top of each other in that armor to be scary.

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However, being scary does not do anything for players in WoW. The mobs attack us regardless, there is no scariness mechanic. In fact, I would prefer that they are cute to scary. What matters most is that they are effective. Adorable little murderers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Then its sitting around waiting for heal :stuck_out_tongue:

Time to wait until 2 weeks before xpac launch to get a beta invite… again.

Yay, I get to play an original death knight!

:crossed_swords: :horse_racing: :dragon: :crossed_swords: :horse_racing: :dragon:

Leave Level 60 Nax in the game.


I wonder if the Death Knights will be as overpowered as when they started originally.

(I suspect not.)

i wish get wotlk classic beta invite :slight_smile:

don’t forget to add the dungeon finder in beta so people can see how easy it is to avoid tbcc lf tank/healer forever and just wanting to log off. being social in chat begging for someone to join is not my idea of those great social experiences people claim finder ruins lol. and if you don’t add i’ll just wait to join until you do if you add like old wrath.


wheres my beta invite :frowning:

See you guys there!

Nah. It’s end patch. Which is after a lot of nerf/toning down. Same with retribution paladins.
Now that said they still will be very strong. I’ll make sure of that or my name isn’t. . .

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Please have race change! Easy way for you guys to make money while increasing quality gameplay for players. easy win win!

10man is always more difficult, because if you lose one player, you’re out of luck most often. In some cases, it was better to just wipe it if you lost one person.

With 25man, there was always more leeway.

So the person I was responding to was incorrect I guess?

I do think it somewhat depends on encounters though, in particular ones that have flexible target counts, as say in 10m they may have one, where in 25m they have to deal with 3 etc.
It’s been a long time though so I can’t recall if that’s relevant or not.

I don’t know that they were incorrect as much as I think they were just referencing something else entirely. But I’m not sure.

Possibly, but they did directly quote only that part of my initial post.

Dang, I just started playing. I havent gotten my amani war bear yet.