The WoW Variety Show is back with Episode 2!

The WoW Variety Show is back with Episode 2!

new episode of the WoW Variety Show is coming soon on YouTube and Twitch!

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Maybe this waste of a show can just take flight out of here.


I’d watch if they throw in a free 12mo sub.


Really wish esports weren’t around


Another twitch promo? Giving out TCG mounts?

Back to back Humiebazoobles posts, what a time to be alive

Hey they finally realized that people will watch if we get something for it and don’t have our time wasted, I hope it’s more TCG mounts for the audience.

A variety of in-game goodies (including game time, mounts, pets, and more special surprises) will be available to participants and audience members throughout the broadcast.

Safe to assume preach gaming had a hand in helping with this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There was an episode 1?

I’ll laugh so hard if a tiger or rooster gets pushed out.

I appreciate the creativity, but I’m not sure this is doing much for me.

Any free time I have I will be spending playing the game.