The Wolf's Offensive

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I’m trying to start working on the Mecha-Done achievement and as far as I can tell I need to start by unlocking Mechagon. To unlock Mechagon I appear to need a quest called the Wolf’s Offensive. The quest is in Boralus and wowhead gives the location of the quest giver. But when I got to Boralus there was no quest.

So does anyone know how to get The Wolf’s Offensive. Any help would be appreciated

In order to be able to see “The Wolf’s Offensive” you need to unlock BfA world quests.

The steps to unlock world quests vary a bit based on if you’ve unlocked them on a previous character, but here are the general steps:

  1. Obtain the Heart of Azeroth. There’s an Earthen Guardian NPC not to far outside the Inn in Boralus who will have the quest “A Dying World” which will start the short chain to get the HoA.
  2. Complete the 3 foothold quests of the War Campaign to unlock boat travel to each of the 3 enemy zones. **This step is not necessary if you’ve previously unlocked World Quests on a different character. **
  3. Pick up and complete “Uniting Kul Tiras” from Halford Wyrmbane. There are two versions of this quest depending on if you’ve previously unlocked World quests on a different character. If you have, then you get the easy version you can turn right back in. If you haven’t, you’ll get the version that requires you to get to friendly with the 3 leveling zone factions. So, you’ll need to do some questing in each of the zones. (As a warning, the Ember of the Orders rep is weird. You don’t get any rep for the first part of the story, then you get a bunch all at once — enough to get the friendly. So, you’re making progress even if doesn’t seem like it.)
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Hi Udiza. Thanks for your reply.

I went to Silithus and obtained the Heart of Azeroth. Did a few quests with Magni Bronzebeard. But then the quest trail stopped. So I went to Boralus. Looked around and found three new dailies that weren’t there before. I did one daily given by Quartermaster Peregrin. That quest yielded 500 artifact power and increased my anima level to 2. That’s all the quests I could find in Boralus or the rest of the lands on my map.

So I guess the next step is to complete the three foothold quests of the War Campaign. But I don’t know where they are

I haven’t been through BfA on any alts by the way

If you haven’t done anything in BfA yet, start with the intro. You can get “Tides of War” from the Herald NPC next to the Hero’s Call board in Stormwind to get started with it. That will lead you both into the Foothold quests as part of the War Campaign and also let you start questing in the zones to get your reps to friendly.

Hi Udiza

I’m on the Zandalari Campaign which lets me choose a foothold. I decided to take the Zandalari campaign after I downloaded BTW Quests which informed me that I had started the War Campaign. From there I went to the ship and took the Zandalari Campaign quest which BTW said was part of the War Campaign questline. I hope I’m on the right track

Thanks again

Yup, that’s where you’ll start the footholds. It’s pretty easy to see when you’ve completed a foothold questline, as it unlocks the boat travel option to that zone. You may also have to do the Island Expedition tutorial quest before the 3rd foothold quest will unlock, so don’t skip it when it pops up. (That’s another one of those things you only do on the first character through BfA.)

I am going to chime in on this same question. Especially since the question was asked less than a year ago. My wife and I have been actively working on Kul Tiras. We want to unlock the other races. We have unlocked the dark dwarf and have unlocked the Kul Tirans. We have world quests unlocked (obviously since we have the other 2 races).

According to Wowhead, the article for the “Comprehensive Mechagon Guide”, the first quest needed is titled “The Wolf’s Offensive.”.

Clicking that link shows that that quest is part of a series in Nazjatar. The prequest to “The Wolf’s Offensive” is titled send the fleet and it gets us over to Nazjatar. We have completed “Send the Fleet” I can copy and paste the print command into WoW and see that TRUE we have completed that one. But we do not have “The Wolf’s Offensive.”. The oly quest I have in Nazjatar right now is with the diamond dwarf Mangi Bronzebeard who wants to give me the quest Essential Empowerment. It will take me back to Silithus and does not appear to have anything to do with leading to “The Wolf’s Offensive”.

What are we missing to get Wolf’s Offensive unlocked???

The Wolf’s Offensive (and the Horde equivalent) were just breadcrumb quests that automatically popped up to make sure you knew to go pick up “Send the Fleet.” It was never actually required. At some point, they just deactivated it altogether. So, Send the Fleet is now the first quest in the chain and you are on the right track.

You’ll need to do Magni’s quests in Silithus to unlock the MacGuffin and then he’ll send you back to Naz’jatar to continue on there. (And you’ll get the Mechagon quest pretty quickly after getting back to Naz’jatar.)

Thank you for that. Wowhead is great, but many of the comments are years old and still refer to when the level cap was 120. Sot it is really hard to determine the good information from the out of date information. Thanks again.

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Yes! This is annoying! there is so much old stuff out there and hardly any current information. Very frustrating.

HOw do I know if I have completed the “3 foothold quests of the War Campaign” ? Also, does this have to be done on both Horde and Alliance? So if I have done it on Horde already… does it count for Alliance?

When you talk to the ships captain, there will be a dialog option to travel to any zones where you’ve unlocked the foothold. (If it says quest, it may mean that you’re on the foothold quest for that zone.)

[quote=“Cloudy-silvermoon, post:11, topic:1240112”]
Also, does this have to be done on both Horde and Alliance? So if I have done it on Horde already… does it count for Alliance?
[/quote]If you’ve already unlocked world quests on another character (on either faction) then you should be able to go right to Uniting Kul Tiras without doing the footholds.

It’s still not a terrible idea to do at least one of them so you can actually get to the other continent. You will also still have to do them if you want to do the War Campaign. (But you don’t need the War Campaign to unlock Naz’jatar or Mechagon.)

I should also note that if you did the Mechagon achievement on Horde-side and want to unlock the Mechagnomes, you can talk to Gila Crosswires in the Stormwind Embassy for the Mechagon starter quest that lets you skip Naz’jatar.