The War Within Beta Test Now Live!

Best server.

Edit: Oh no, it’s gone! :frowning:

Edit Edit: It’s back!

Edit Edit Edit: Aaaand it’s gone.

500 people on the waiting list already, hopefully I can try out earthen before the servers explode and wipe out half of Blizzard HQ

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Showing another window for beta realms. But Alleria is off

Should I be able to log in to the servers now? Cause I cannot. I see conflicting reports that some say it’s live yet still many people are seeing incompatible realm lists. Just kinda frustrating with the vague responses the devs are giving.

I’m joining These Go To Eleven!

Best server name ever

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From the article- In the Game Version drop-down menu above the Play button, choose The War Within (listed under In Development) option, then click Install

You SHOULD see it show up if your account has access to the beta. It should say “The War Within Beta” in the Game Version dropdown under the “In Development” section.

Yep. Still here. Almost 18 years now. I’m doing more behind the scenes and Kaivax and Linxy are more up front. Same team.

We’ll give another bump when things are rolling again.


That’s not what I mean.

I hope we can keep “These Go To Eleven” realm.


i think this thread needs to get locked

It is amazing to see your name again! You gave me my first advice so long ago on my cousins account! I’m an adult now, but it’s great to see your name pop up!!!


Glad to still see you’re here Neth! :slight_smile:


Gotcha. Just saw the second tab.

Is the correct version or is there a new patch that has come out? I am still seeing “Incompatible” when I try to log in, and I’ve tried to update and it says no updates available.

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They’ve added a “Beta” server tab, I’ve been sitting here watching them disappear and reappear for a few mins. I have a hunch that they’ll be going online soon =]

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Can confirm that some realms are now showing up (as “Offline,” though), but it shouldn’t be much longer. Everyone be patient.

Three listed so far:
These Go To Eleven


I’m not referring to the launcher – I know how to manage that. I’m referring to the popup after the game loads. But the one mistake I made is that WoW1 is a key for both an inactive account of mine, as well as another PTR account. I just tried WoW1 and it now shows the Beta servers (disabled, of course, currently).

It should come up as The War Within Beta in the menu for access to beta.

we’ll be inviting community veterans, press, fansites, friends, and family to check out the upcoming expansion and give us feedback

So why asking ppl to “opt in” ?

There is a Beta tab usually at the bottom of realm list.

Cant believe its been 18 years.

Its good to see you again Neth.