The War Within Alpha

Let us discuss this thing

It features Earthen

Some neat Arathi sets featuring a rare mail wearer win

Tentative confirmation that you will be able to be a drac’thyr non-evoker who also doesn’t enter dragon form

In addition, Moira’s son has stopped watching skibidi toilet on his dwarven ipad or whatever children do and has emerged as a young dwarf adult


I know there’s only maybe 8 of us out of the over 7 million still playing this game that are psyched about Earthen but MAN I am PSYCHED about the gem dwarves. Even more so now that I know the customization includes creating one without the gems. Frost Dwarf here I come…

I posted in another thread that I spent the afternoon poking around the WH database for 10.2.7 but there is much tagged with 11.0 (TWW) and there’s a whole lot of BOE, BOA, cosmetic goodness coming down the road from what I can see.

Norman’s been wearing the Expert Goldmining Helmet ever since transmog became a thing. I switch it up sometimes, but go back to that helmet all the time.

There’s one particular leather helm in the database coming out that may cause me to stick that Goldmining Helmet on a shelf to collect dust. I never thought that would happen. It’s a really nice helmet and exactly something Norman would go bananas for.

Whoever is making hats on the art team both in DF and moving forward, all the daps for you. You are killing it.

Now I just need more overalls.

The Arathor sets are amazing. That banner staff is legit! I do wish as always there was more 3D on the gear instead of all the painted-on, but they have vastly improved over the years. I just wish they would improve more faster. I also get annoyed when I see the NPC’s getting way more 3D gear than the players.

Look at that outfit on Faerin? I mean come on. The players would kill for stuff like that.

Dagran needs some stubble. Dwarves without beards just don’t work man.

The more I see of TWW, the more excited I get. I’m hoping for the best as always.


Perhaps I’ll more motivation to play Dracthyr more once they can be classes I actually care about and more confidently know how to play.

You know, initially I was kinda meh about the Earthen, but then I began seeing it as an opportunity to revitalize my Sister of Steel concepts by a female Earthen as one ascended to elemental status by reaching the height of her discipline. Doubt I’d get much use from such a character but it’s getting me excited for Earthen like how a ton of folk got excited for Dracthyr, and like those people I’ll happily take it.

Addendum: People are sleeping on the fact female Earthen can have beards.

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Dalaran getting oofed is, in fact, an oof. Some of my characters are gonna die lol


I’m absolutely going to use this as an excuse to play a half-elf.


I’m very apprehensive about all this due to the Dalaran thing.


im willing to bet its somehow the Hordes fault


That’s pretty cool, I noticed in the NPC models this Pointed-Ear-Human character with a super fancy outfit and the surname “Lothar”

I guess Lothar had a child with an elf at some point? Or are there “Lothars” of the same Arathi background among the underground humans? I assumed it was just a special model for one individual.

Other interesting thing to note, the alpha dressing room has something called a “Harronir” as an NPC race. They resemble night elves with tusks and body fur/quill options, (or trolls with more elfin faces) No idea what they’re supposed to be but I do like their design a lot. They’re actually almost everything I’ve wanted for a night elf male rework–somewhat cuter faces, a stockier, more natural looking build… the level of detail makes it seem like a future playable character, which would be great

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Skibidi Toilet was a crappost epic and a masterpiece. I’ll die on that hill.


They are running out of emergency glasses to break.


One ongoing theory is that they were a ling lost tribe of Dark Trolls. Their unique look I think could be because they are a sort if “midway” point in the evolutionary tree from Dark troll to Kaldorei.

They have trollish features still but are on the way to becoming elf like. The quills could be because this tribe was especially blessed by Aggagaman(or however you spell it). We recently learned in Season of Discovery that the dark trolls particularly liked worshipping thst loa.

tldr; Theory is theyre the transitional species from dark trolls to kaldorei.


…why are we getting “Garrison Follower Changes” and “Garrison Ability Changes”? Are these for delves or covenants or warbands? MMO Champion is reporting those in the alpha datamine. I see nothing else tagged as garrison anything.


I would give anything for a return to garrison’s considering our own is no longer canon.

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It’s the missing link! Elf evolution is REAL, take that creationists!


Also this is cursed

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I learned this last night and, safe to say, this is gonna be MAJOR for my guild.

But, since its a done deal, I’m hoping for a long pre-patch spanning battle, kind of like when the Legion was attacking Dal. It would really help the sense of immersion if we had to spend litteraly several days trying to win an unwinable fight.


Oh yeah it’d be big for the Sunreavers! Kind of exciting, hey!

Funnily enough the Dragonscale-adjacent neutral guild I’ve been hanging out with (not on Sarestha) is based in Dalaran, IC. So that’s going to be interesting too!

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Paladins, Warriors, DKs, Shamans and Hunters are eating well next expansion. Evokers continue to get the diet option, however, despite their cries for actually useful moggery …

Cave Elves! Let’s gooooooo! Also Dagran looks adorkably nerdy and I am prepared to body anyone who hurts our new Boi … but he needs some flaming stubble. Dwarves just look … off … without a beard?

We asked for more serious repercussions and villains winning, and the Monkey Paw curled haaaaaaard. Dalaran is one of the oldest and most universally accessible sources of knowledge, learning and arcane training, and it also held standing portals to the Order Halls that held, or still hold, the other Legion Artifact Weapons. Methinks that Xal’atath wants to access more of Sargeras’s yummy entropic energy for her plans, and I can’t wait for the other Sapient/Sentient Artifact Weapons feel about being used like this …

Not to mention it was the HQ for the Tirisgarde and Uncrowned. And apparently a small hub for warlocks! We see them all scattered around with the other survivors.

Thats two order hall bases wiped off the map and probably a lot of members for them

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I’m excited for mushroom hat and candle hat.

War Within more like HATS WITHIN