The Vashj-Frostwolf Server Love Story

Hi, so just recently came back after a 4 year hiatus (2 of which were spent learning Healing in another MMORPG which shan't be named) and was wondering if there were any real pop-outs (that being, rather interesting players) that should be mentioned/written in a tale intertwined with references that only I'd understand, pop culture references that probably I'll only understand, in-server jokes, and all around ironic expectations of a good read.

tl;dr I'm bored and these forums have had a lack of "Why would you post this let alone conjure up the thought of posting such a stupid idea in your head?" posts and I'm quite excited to get those love stories going again.

(Also I miss the old Vashj forums. All those love stories just deleted.)

EDIT: Also I saw that there was an Alliance Discord. Is there a Vashj Horde Discord? Figured it'd be nice to have that little bit of rivalry. Then we'd need to have "those people in between who have alts on both sides" and the "I really don't care about the factions, I just really enjoy the character models" Discord Discord servers.
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Hi wiki.
What sounds better? Emoon or Mikewater?
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Neither sounds great.
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