The Vanilla Days <FL>

When Windrunner was it’s own server and made a name for itself. Found some old Screenshots for the memories of the best guild on Windrunner for many years.

Forlorn Legacy
Rage Quit
The Guilded Flagon
Keepin it Real - TBC
Heresy - TBC

Here is a link to some old screenshots of Forlorn Legacy. Thank you for the memories! Just fix the link when you enter it into your browser.


Hey guys, we set up a discord server for Old School Windrunner for classic wow

https ://

Feel free to come on in and hang out! Feel free to post any old pictures you have

Interesting pics. I was in Keepin it Real at that time [TBC] as one of the warrior tanks, before the guild exploded and then i transferred off server. The game definitely had a different vibe to it during classic and TBC that it lost during Wrath and onwards…I may check out the discord and if i can find some old photos i’ll post them.

Whats up doods, I was in Forlorn Legacy on this toon Eerr, I was in The Elite BrotheHood before that I believe. Can’t remember it all. Just started playing again, hit me up if anyone has a clan in retail.

Think its time for a certain Paladin to come back and make things interesting again.

also too bad the majority of the pics from 2008 on is 90% of the players that never originally on Windrunner and was recruited off other servers and did server xfers. Most of the earlier members were too busy sucking after gaining glory to FL after making a history of ninja looting, ones like Dhivaul, Vincent, Angelic, who use to run together in the servers early days.

Heresy days in TBC were great. Miss the old community.