The Vanilla Days <FL>

When Windrunner was it’s own server and made a name for itself. Found some old Screenshots for the memories of the best guild on Windrunner for many years.

Forlorn Legacy
Rage Quit
The Guilded Flagon
Keepin it Real - TBC
Heresy - TBC

Here is a link to some old screenshots of Forlorn Legacy. Thank you for the memories! Just fix the link when you enter it into your browser.


Hey guys, we set up a discord server for Old School Windrunner for classic wow

https ://

Feel free to come on in and hang out! Feel free to post any old pictures you have

Interesting pics. I was in Keepin it Real at that time [TBC] as one of the warrior tanks, before the guild exploded and then i transferred off server. The game definitely had a different vibe to it during classic and TBC that it lost during Wrath and onwards…I may check out the discord and if i can find some old photos i’ll post them.

Whats up doods, I was in Forlorn Legacy on this toon Eerr, I was in The Elite BrotheHood before that I believe. Can’t remember it all. Just started playing again, hit me up if anyone has a clan in retail.