The Unofficial Saurok Playable Race Discussion Megathread! 🐊

So a couple things with this post, regarding the assault moving to Uldum and also another potential dance for one of the Saurok genders.

Regarding the assault, from my understanding, N’zoth is going to be assaulting Uldum soon, which means the Vale of Eternal Blossoms will possibly be bright and sunny. I’m not expecting too much out of this, aside from the potential minor assault to beat up the evil Mogu (not that I need a reason to beat up evil Mogu of course), but I’ll check out the area and report if anything of interest pops up then.

Second, I think I found a possible second dance. Previously, I mentioned the “Walk the Dinosaur” song by Was (Not Was), and now I’ve found “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John:

A video of people doing the dance, specifically for a wedding, with some text showing the movements you do:

And a tutorial on how to do the dance without music at first, then doing the actual dance with instrumental music:

I’ll still be looking for some other potential dances, but hey, at least we have two possible dances so far. I’m not sure which of the dances is better suited for male Saurok and female Saurok, however.

If you want to see what I posted on the other dance, click here to see that post.

More Saurok research to continue in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


So the assault in the sunny version of the Vale is the Warring Clans one, and as I suspected, the Enslaved Clearscale kills count towards the progress bar. As far as I’m aware, there are no ways to free them in any way.

We also have another Saurok sighting. During this assault, you do a questline at the gates in Kun-Lai Summit, where a bunch of the evil Mogu clans are in the area. There are “Saurok Laborer” mobs in the area, and they look similar to the Clearscale color scheme but are not named with any particular tribe.

Sadly, like with the Enslaved Clearscale, they aggro on contact and there doesn’t appear to be any way to free them. Also, killing them counts towards a progress bar to kill Mogu in the area and they also count as a kill criteria for a quest as a “Mogu Soldier.” Nothing about them ever comes up in the questlog text that I saw as well.

On a similar note, there is a “Saurok Slave” in the Isle of Thunder in MoP. Interestingly, those Saurok will gain a buff called “Freedom!” and attack slavers if you free them. Here is the Wowhead page for them:

The slavers in question are actually Mogu…surprise, surprise:

So if these Saurok will actually fight against their slavers, why are the ones in the new area so different? I’m going to guess that both the Saurok in the Vale and Summit areas are under the type of mind control that the Paleblade were under, as it would likely be easier to keep them in check as opposed to beating them into submission and keeping them obedient, which the Saurok would more than likely rip them to shreds otherwise.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I wasn’t expecting much out of coming back to Pandaria. I’m more disappointed than anything, as there seems to be missed potential to have a tribe of Saurok who have managed to get into diplomatic relations with the Pandaren in the area (who keep trying to communicate with the Saurok) and who are being enslaved by the Mogu that could’ve offered a great flavor of storyline and world quests as they help fend off N’zoth and the evil Mogu clans. Sadly, as I expected, they’re just angry mook jobbers meant to be fodder for player progression grinding.

I’ll continue to keep an eye out for any more Saurok sightings in the new area. Also, I’m at three posts in a row again, so unless someone replies, I may have to edit this post for new information again if they haven’t changed that rule yet.

Despite what is going on in the Vale, I’m still supporting Saurok as best as I can. There are likely multiple Saurok tribes we haven’t met yet, and who knows if we’ll run into a friendly one we can help out? in the meantime, I’m planning to kick the everloving snot out of the evil Mogu.

More Saurok research to continue in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Something simple that I found and bring here for everyone to admire.


On the subject of Saurok images, I found this awesome one on DeviantArt of a red Saurok in front of a Horde banner. The creator’s name is “Der-Khan,” who uploaded the art piece to DeviantArt on June 17th, 2019, and they support Saurok as a playable Horde race in the artwork’s description.

“Allied Race: Saurok” by Der-Khan on DeviantArt

I really wish I had artistic talent to do things like this, but it’s always good to see others support playable Horde Saurok!

On another note, the Mantid assault has begun in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. I flew around the area some, but didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. The Clearscale still are enslaved and I can’t free them in any way, at least that I am aware of. I’ll still keep an eye out, but the focus is on the Mantid, so I don’t think there will be much in the way of Saurok sightings during this assault.

Thinking on it some, I think what bothers me the most about what we see in the Vale is that some Saurok have become slaves, I assume by mind control, to the evil Mogu again. It’s a bit depressing, considering how they were created and fought against the evil Mogu for freedom before. The fact that you can’t really do much to free them doesn’t help things either. Not to mention that none of the Pandaren in the area even mention them or even suggest freeing them, even if it would be just to cause the evil Mogu to deal with some chaos.

There is also how primitive the Clearscale still seem. Tribes like the Brinescale are part of a pirate crew and flexing in front of others while the Clearscale seem rather primitive, almost feral-like in a way. I do think there may be more tribes of Saurok out in the world, so who knows how advance they’ve gotten or if they formed a civilization elsewhere?

In terms of Shadowlands, I’d be surprised if we saw anything Saurok-related. At best, we might see some Saurok in the afterlife…and I’m sure being both dead and hungry will make them even more angry. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any Saurok sightings if I see any for Shadowlands, though.

No matter what happens, I’ll continue to support Saurok as a playable Horde race as best as I can. I will be thinking of different ways to show support also, but I do have some future posts in mind to inspire some ideas!

Also, I appreciate everyone that posts here in show of support and also sharing your ideas. Thank you very much!

More Saurok research to continue in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Omg that picture is amazing… Also I only just now realized that is the Worgen skeleton isn’t it?


It is indeed the male Worgen skeleton, which all Saurok mobs in-game currently use. They have quite a few of their animations, such as that flexing Saurok in Freehold I mentioned a few posts up. A lot of them are quite fitting. :smiley:

There are currently no female Saurok in-game, but I’m sure something could be done either with the female Worgen model, another model already in the game, or something all new entirely.

If Saurok ever became an allied race, I could see Blizzard working with the male and female Worgen models to make them playable while giving them some custom animations. If they did, they could keep some form of savagery in their animations and personality.

Either as an allied race or a core race, there are plenty of ways to go about designing their player models while offering a lot of customization possibilities! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

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I kinda forgot that those were a thing.

All the more power to you.

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I’m going to add this to my collection! :yum:

You are not alone! Your cause is worthy of support and I hope we can see sauroks as a playable race. :crocodile:

I don’t want to brag, but worgen is multi plant shape and multi task. :smiley:


For female saurok I feel like the best choice would be simply to use the male worgen skeleton and tweak the animations to be more feminine. The male worgen skeleton’s posture is much more fitting in my opinion for a tailed race and retains a good bit of savagery aesthetic wise that I feel would be shared among both the male and female saurok. A tail in my opinion would look a bit awkward on the female worgen skeleton with their posture being so straight.

There is also quite a bit of hearthstone artwork of sauroks that can be found simply by googling “hearthstone saurok”. One of those is artwork for a female saurok (I’d share it for those who haven’t seen it, but I’m unable to post images) who seems to have a hunched posture nearly identical to the male saurok.

Also as for more inspiration for sauroks I feel like basilisks as well as crocolisks would be worth adding customization based on those two creatures. During the story told by lorewalker cho about the origins of the saurok the lizard shown seemed to be a basilisk. Though with the different types of saurok in the game it’s obvious they used lizards along with basilisks and maybe even crocolisks. Would be interesting to see some crocodilian customization (since crocolisks are just fantasy versions of crocodiles) and basilisk based customization. Basilisks in particular could add some very unique customization seeing as some seem to have crystals growing from their bodies. Perhaps a saurok with a layer of crystalline hide over their back?

Perhaps even ability wise sauroks could have something pertaining to basilisks in-game? I don’t think a petrification type ability would fit quite well. Maybe a racial that causes them to AOE fear enemies close to them, or at least in front of and within line of sight of them playing off the whole idea of a basilisk’s gaze. Something like this and a passive racial for underwater speed and longer underwater breath would be awesome.


I’m honestly happy to see others want Saurok as well. When creating this megathread, I was concerned that people wouldn’t take too kindly to it and was a reason it took me a long time to gather courage to make this megathread. Much to my relief, the majority of people have been supportive, and I’m very thankful for it. Even if the chances for playable Saurok might be low, I’ll still continue to show my support for them, for whatever it is worth.

This makes me wonder how the tail physics work for Vulpera, since they put tails on the male and female Goblins. It’s possible that something could be done to make it work, and would also give tails to Worgen for those that would like it as a customization option.

Of course, this assumes that playable Saurok would use both male and female Worgen models. It’s one of the possibilities, but not the only one they could go with.

I have that image linked in the first post, actually. I do need to update it with a direct link so it will show up, which my first post is in need of a revamp.

One of the early discussions was how female Saurok design should be more than just putting mammaries on them while showing off some female lizardman customization options in other games.

Hearthstone does indeed have a lot of great Saurok artwork, and the devs and art team do like Saurok a lot from what I’ve read. They’ve also written some neat lore, such as them taking up residencei n Un’Goro Crater. Hopefully, Blizzard will take some of their ideas as inspiration to put in WoW, as Un’goro Crater would work beautifully as a playable Saurok base.

It’s definitely something to consider. I imagine that with all the Saurok in the world, the Mogu likely gathered all kinds of lizards of different types. It’s a reason we see some Saurok with frills, for example.

If the Mogu used crocolisks, then it’s likely we’d see Saurok with six arms, which would be an interesting sight. if they did end up using basilisks, then I could see those specific Saurok using a petrifying gaze.

So far, Saurok seem to be of the same type of lizard in the game, but we could always see other lizard features as customization options. They’re always neat to think about and discuss when doing some reptile research. :lizard:

A roar that briefly causes enemies to cower in an AoE would be neat. I’m not sure how balanced that would be, but I do like the idea.

On the subject of racials, I was thinking about one related to being hangry (hungry and angry). It could be something that increases haste and possibly crit chances. Again, I’m not an expert at balancing in PvE or PvP, but it would add some neat flavor in their play style.

I really like the ideas you posted. Thank you for sharing them!

More Saurok research to continue in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Something slightly related to our scale friends.

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Now that is an interesting mod for Skyrim.


That looks like fun! It’s like an Argonian on steroids.

So aside from looking at real life lizards for inspiration, I’m also looking at fictional lizardman races. Since I’ve been in a Star Wars mood lately, I’m going to talk some about Trandoshans, their being a playable race in a previous Star Wars MMO game, and what aspects of them would fit for Saurok.

First some, some of their lore:

These guys may seem like angry Lizards, most of them tend to be mercenaries or bounty hunters with very little interest in things like friendship, but many of them actually function just fine in different planet societies and working with other species, with some even becoming Trandoshan jedi. They also lack tails of any sort.

Trandoshans worship the “Scorekeeper.” They awarded Trandoshans in their hunt with “Jagannath points,” which are used to determine a Trandoshan’s place in the afterlife. While primarily awarded in hunting creatures and sentient species, the first video I linked mentioned that this isn’t necessarily the only type of hunt. As long as you were achieving betterment of yourself in some way, you were awarded Jagannath points.

In terms of racial features, they have infravision and also a form of regeneration (both of which the Iksar of Everquest have). They also have a really good sense of smell.

Trandoshans are also notable for being despised by Wookies:

And the most notable Trandoshan is Bossk, who you might remember from The Empire Strikes Back:

Now that I’ve linked to and talked a bit about Trandoshans, let’s see what they were like in Star Wars Galaxies, where they were a playable race.

Star Wars Galaxies was previously the first Star Wars MMO game, which has some infamy for different changes to the game that were…less than favorable. Trandoshans received the following types of skills in the game:

Creature Harvesting +10
Gloves/Shoes not visible (at one point not equipable in those slots at all)

Sadly, they are not playable in the current Star Wars MMO, “The Old Republic.” They also don’t really fit the criteria the devs have for playable races in that game, so the chances of seeing them as a playable race there are quite low.

So what ideas can we get from Trandoshans to implement in the concept of playable Saurok in WoW?

Let’s start with personality. Saurok should maintain a form of savagery in their personality, but being savage does not mean being antagonistic or being a jerk. It’s similar to how Worgen can function just walking around in Stormwind and can be pleasant but are ferocious and bloodthirsty when in combat. Saurok could function similarly, assuming you don’t get between a Saurok and their drumstick to gnaw on for lunch, you could get along with them just fine without worrying about easily angering them.

On the subject of a deity, I’ve mentioned before the idea that a playable group of Saurok could worship a wild god that encourages hunting. This goes well with the idea of them eating meat, especially if they believe that eating the meat of your kills makes them stronger, and also would work well hunting Alliance should the Horde ever get into another war with them. Something like “The Great Hunt” would make for a fun micro-holiday, with the idea being a big feast for a deity-related celebration while there being a balance in not over-hunting.

In terms of racial ideas, we have the usual regeneration that most lizardman races have, and Saurok should also in my opinion, but the other aspects give some interesting ideas. Saurok having a sense of smell is an interesting idea, though other than innately having some forms of tracking, I don’t know how that could be implemented in game. Infravision is also a neat idea, sorta similar to how Demon Hunters sense demons, that could be used for beasts and humanoid race detection and also be a deterrent for stealthed enemies, like in PvP.

As for the creature harvesting skill, if we go with the idea that Saurok would have hunting in their society, they could loot extra meat or, if they skin, extra pelts and such from mobs or be able to loot specific types of items off mobs, like bones, for Saurok-specific crafting for things like bone armor or tools. Now, High Mountain Tauren do have a racial to look extra meat and fish, so there may be a way to make a Saurok version more unique.

Lastly, in terms of armor graphics, it is possible that playable Saurok would not have any shoe graphics. We see this with a few races, notably the recent Vulpera allied race does this, so it isn’t anything new. Although my preference is for there to have a foot graphic with armor, I can understand why it wouldn’t show up on Saurok player models or would just appear on their lower legs like with Tauren. On the bright side, it would make it easier when designing armor for them.

Trandoshans offer a few good inspiration ideas for playable Saurok. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please feel free to share it. I do plan to look at other lizardman races, in MMO’s and other types of media.

More Saurok research to continue in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


While I’m not a big fan of trandossians I’ve always appreciated the lizard/reptile races in star wars having more predator prey viewpoints even in civilized places.

I would love to see Saurok retain that Bestival lizard brain.


I’ve finally dipped my toes into 8.3. Been so busy with work lately, and writing. Now that I’m taking a break from writing at least I’ve played a bit. Saurok are indeed seen in this patch, though that’s not surprising considering we’re in pandaland.

Just saying, if they can ‘redeem’ mogu in some fashion, they can definitely bring in Saurok. It’d be such an interesting story to see a race rather recently created to blossom and such. We already see them working with other races via being pirates, so it’s 100% possible.


It seems like a lot of lizardman races you see in media tend to be like that. It’s not a bad thing, but usually they get designed as antagonists, which disappoints me. It’s a reason that, in my opinion, Saurok should have some savagery in their personality but not be the kind to snap at their allies at a drop of a hat and should be able to interact with others without getting angry or violent.

A lot of this also has to do with my view of the Horde, where it’s a band of races that have had hardships and banded together to support each other against a world that seems to be against them. Since Saurok were former slaves that fought against the Mogu for their freedom, I think they’d fit very well in that theme. It’s why if a tribe ever got to join, I want them to be all for being a part of the Horde. :smiley:

Also on the subject of space-faring lizards, Star Trek does have a few lizardman races, with some playable in Star Trek Online. The most famous of them is the Gorn, which are interesting as they go from this:

To hulking brutes in Star Trek Online:

Maybe I’ll look at them and other lizard races in Star Trek Online in the future, but there are other lizardman races I’ll focus on for ideas first.

Indeed, though I’m still disappointed we can’t free the Esnlaved Clearscale to get them to help us against the evil Mogu clans. Still, I have some hope that there is a tribe out there somewhere that would be more open to the Horde and working something out with them to help each other out.

Another important point, given how evil and self-centered the Mogu, for the most part, were. If Blizzard can make a good clan of Mogu and turn mindless mooks like Gilblins into part of an interesting faction with unique personalities, I’m sure something could be done with Saurok.

Anyway, I’ll end this post by leaving this video of geckos to illustrate how content Saurok should be when feasting on delicious food:

More Saurok research to continue in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


So I had a fun idea that I tested out recently. I got my L120 Assassin Rogue a Glyph of Disguise, pick-pocketed that flexing Saurok in Freehold, took her to Orgrimmar, and tested out some emotes.

As it turns out, Saurok have quite a few animated emotes, all of which I think are the male Worgen’s emotes. Not all emotes had animations however, such as there being no /dance animation of any sort. I also tested a few different mounts, and Saurok do not appear to be able to ride mounts.

On a similar note, I was toying with the idea of doing something similar to the Vulpera Foxtober events and gathering a few people with reflecting prisms to use on rogues that have Saurok illusions on to have a Saurok invasion of Orgrimmar for a photoshoot/march/etc. It would be used to show both support for playable Horde Saurok and also show that Saurok would fit quite well in Orgrimmar among the Horde. Sauroktober, perhaps? :smiley:

If anyone is interested in doing an in-game Saurok related event or has ideas for one, please feel free to suggest some. I don’t expect a lot of people showing up if I did an event, but it would still be fun to take screenshots of and share them here for fun. Speaking of, I may take screenshots with my Horde Assassination Rogue as a Saurok in Orgrimmar and other places if I can think of screenshot ideas.

In the meantime, I’ll think of other things to test out with a Saurok illusion on my Rogue, just for fun. Maybe I should level my other Horde Rogue and see if because they use the male Worgen model, they might have a Heart of Azeroth animation. Doubtful, but it would still be neat even if it wouldn’t mean too much if they did have such an animation.

More Saurok research to continue in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Well, I took some screenshots and made a tumblr account to upload them to and link them. Hopefully this works and the images show. Otherwise, I’ll have to figure something out.

In order to do this, I had my Horde Assassination Rogue get a Glyph of Disguise, which turns you into whatever you pickpocket for 5 minutes, then I had to hearth back to Orgrimmar and take pictures quickly before the effects wore off. Took about three trips, but it did work out. Anyway, here we are!

The Saurok Ambassador

A tribe of Saurok have sent an ambassador to visit Orgrimmar in hopes of joining the Horde. How exciting!

It appears the Saurok ambassador has accidentally hit a time paradox, confused as to why Sylvanas is there. He points at the text to show this while warning her that if the Saurok join the Horde, she will be regret what she has done! That Void Walker isn’t a fan of hers, by the way. He was trying to chase after the bouncing Warlock leaving the area. Such interesting members of the Horde!

The Saurok ambassador won’t let a crazy dead elf ruin his day. In fact, he suddenly notices an interesting smell in the air. What could it be?

Of course! The local butcher! “Jackpot!” proclaims the hungry Saurok ambassador! Luckily, he has enough funds to buy a bunch of meat for a delicious lunch!

The Saurok ambassador then cooks an awesome BBQ lunch using special Saurok recipies! He of course shares them with the members of the Horde nearby. The best way to make friends is through their stomachs, of course!

After a delicious and filling lunch, the Saurok ambassador decides to take a swim. Contrary to popular belief, Saurok swim just fine. They have iron stomachs as well, so they don’t need to wait after eating to swim!

The Saurok ambassador knows that Orcs respect strength, so he flexes his muscles to try and impress the leader of the Mag’har. Such a strong looking lizard!

The Saurok Ambassaor meets with the Vulpera, and is quite terrified of Nisha! There is no shame in this, however, as Nisha is one to be feared! Perhaps they will be on the same side one day and the ambassador’s fears will go away…hopefully.

After a long day meeting others, the Saurok Ambassador decides to take a nap on a heat rock. He’ll be meeting with Ji Firepaw soon, and could use some beauty rest!

The Saurok Ambassador meets with Ji Firepaw, who runs the Horde’s embassy. He pleads with the Pandaren to allow his tribe of Saurok into the Horde, promising that they could offer a lot in exchange for being members. He also explains that his tribe of Saurok is different and more friendly than the ones Ji dealt with on the Wandering Isle.

The Saurok Ambasssador finishes his meeting, grateful for the chance to meet with Ji Firepaw. He is also grateful for you checking out his journey in Orgrimmar, and likely may have other journeys to help get his tribe of Saurok as members of the Horde. Let us hope his journeys become a successful one and that Horde Saurok become a reality!

That is all I’ve taken so far, but I will likely do more in the future as I get some ideas. Hopefully these images work and don’t become broken and unviewable.

More Saurok research to continue in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


I’m up for it. I don’t mind those dumb little foxes and don’t think there’s any thing wrong with snake people.

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What are their relations like with the Alliance?