The Unofficial Saurok Playable Race Discussion Megathread! 🐊

Make it happen BLIZZ!!!


I’d be happy to see playable sauroks. Not that I’d play as one, but having the option would be great.


So Wowhead put up an article with some Warcraft III Reforged models awhile ago:

Of note, they had a model of a lizard called a" Skink" shown here:

Looks a bit similar to Saurok that have the frill on their head, doesn’t it? I haven’t really played much of Warcraft III, so I don’t know where this lizard actually appears in the game, but I thought it was a neat thing to post about.

It does make me think a bit regarding Saurok design possibilities, though. The Mogu used a lot of lizards they gathered up from Pandaria, and possibly imported more from other areas, in order to create the Saurok. This would mean that there would, in theory, be a lot of scale patterns and other aspects, such as different horns and the like, that would be neat to see as customization options. I’m also guessing most of the lizards used were a similar species. All the Saurok we’ve seen in-game are more or less similar looking, aside from frills of course, so it is possible that the Mogu used the same type of lizard in their creation. If the Mogu used things like crocolisks, we might have had 6 armed Saurok. :V

Something I want to do in the future is to look up some different scale patterns of different real life lizards and share them as customization ideas. There are already quite a few NPC’s with a variety of scale patterns, but having more options is always good!

There is also the female Saurok to consider still. Whether to give them a brighter color scales or even give them a bit of different designs from male Saurok, such as Iksar in Everquest 2, for example.

Plenty of ways to go about with lizardmen customization in general, and Saurok could be an interesting challenge to design if they ever happen to become playable.

On another note, the holidays are coming up, and I’m looking forward to eating loads of turkey, likely unleashing my inner Saurok in the process. I hope everyone here has a great and safe holiday! :smiley:

More Saurok research to continue in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


I wanted to talk about a couple of things in this post. First, the smaller part involving an assault in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms:

Nothing Saurok related in here that I noticed, though there may be other assaults and possibly world quests for the area that have yet to be revealed. So far, it seems as if the Mantid are the main antagonists for the area, though the evil Mogu are suppose to be in the area causing trouble as well.

The Saurok tribe that was in the area before, during MoP, was mentioned to be not from the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, so they may have been able to free themselves from the evil Mogu mind control and dashed elsewhere. No Saurok presence is not a bad thing, as any Saurok that could appear here would most likely just be mooks to kill for world quest credit and such. Still, I’ll keep an eye out for any Saurok activity, for better or worse.

The other thing I wanted to mention was this neat video that discusses playable Lizardfolk for 5th Edition D&D:

Now this was uploaded in 2016, but it’s still an interesting video to watch and listen to how playable Lizardfolk were designed at the time. It did get me to think a bit about playable Saurok personality in general.

Obviously if Saurok ever got to be playable, they would need to get along with the other Horde races. My personal preference is that if any Saurok did join the Horde, they should be all for the idea of being part of the Horde and would be happy to have found a home while being able to work with other members of the Horde.

There should be a form of savagery in their personality, which is a bit different from being RAWR and angry all the time. Imagine Worgen, where they work with the other races in a gruff manner and go RAWR when in a combat situation, but kicked up a few notches. Some I could see being a bit hot headed at times, especially in the middle of combat, but otherwise I could still see them being mellow and able to control themselves when just walking around in Orgimmar and getting food or looking for work.

Of course, with the idea that Saurok would be passionate about meat/fish and cooking them in various ways, they could show a happier side when hunting, cooking, and eating meat. This would likely lead to quite the epic BBQ in Orgimmar and make them popular in general. :cut_of_meat::crocodile:

I’ll have to think a bit more on how playable Saurok personality should be, but I am curious what other people might think, so please feel free to post your thoughts. I’ll reflect over it some more and type more in-depth when I get more time.

Also, this week is when Turkey Massacre Day occurs, where I mentioned earlier will be a day that I unleash my inner Saurok with the appetite of an Ogre. For those that are celebrating, please have a fun and safe holiday week! :turkey:

More Saurok research to occur in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

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Keep up the good work! And good holiday!

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It has been awhile, thanks to real life obligations taking my free time, but with it being near the end of the year, I thought it would be a good time to look back on the year some and also look at some plans going forward next year regarding Saurok support.

Let’s start with a look back at 2019.

This was the year that I personally started coming to the forums. Originally, I was a lurker, where I looked at the different race megathreads for support of different races. One of the neat things about the allied race system is that it did band people together to show support for races they wanted playable. Many of the megathreads inspired me to join the forums start supporting the Ogre megathread. Ogres and Saurok were my most wanted races and I felt that Ogres, at the very least, had a chance of becoming playable, so I focused on writing and coming up with ideas and scenarios for them.

Saurok have always been a pipe dream for me. Seeing them in Pandaria and how they were at that time was a reason I opted to silently hope for them, thinking they might not have much chance. However, as time went on, I became more inspired from the different megathreads here to seriously consider making a Saurok megathread. I knew that Saurok have an uphill battle in possibly becoming playable and while I did see people across different forms of media discuss wanting playable Saurok occasionally, it wasn’t a huge amount and they all ended with the notion that Saurok were too primitive and angry to likely ever be playable.

Even so, I managed to gather up some courage and took a “nothing ventured, nothing gained” stance. Saurok didn’t have a megathread and weren’t really talked about much, and I felt that showing support of some sort was important even if the chances of them being a playable race in BfA were slim as they could always be considered as a playable race in a future expansion.

So here we are today, and while not the biggest megathread, I’m glad that most people generally regard this megathread positively. I’ve enjoyed researching Saurok related stuff in-game and typing things up while reading ideas other people have posted in here. I’m also happy that those that run the forums allow me to maintain and reply to this thread to keep adding to it. Whether or not Blizzard does get feedback from the megathreads is unclear, but I still think it is important to show support of some kind instead of silently hoping.

Now that I talked some of the past, lets talk about the future. I have some plans in mind to continue showing Saurok support over time.

First of all, I’ve been debating making a discord for Saurok. Some of the other megathreads have their own discord servers and having one could have some practical purposes. Obviously I would still post in this megathread, and the discord could also be used for lizard man fans in general to talk about lizard man races in other games they happen to be playable in, either in MMO’s or single player games. I’m still thinking on it and will go into more detail later, but if anyone is particularly interested, please let me know.

Second thing is that I do have some writings I’m planning to do. On the list I have is writing about what Saurok can bring to the Horde if they become playable (I have a few things in mind and am currently still working on it). I’ve also been thinking of a hypothetical expansion scenario where Saurok are introduced as a playable Horde race, which is mostly meant to share as an example of what could be done with Saurok. It has been fun to think of so far, and I’ll likely share some of it as I try to fine-tune it. Obviously, I would not expect it to ever see it become a real thing. It’s just meant as a concept and hopefully spark some inspiration.

Third, I am planning to look up scale patterns, colors, and features of different lizards in real life to suggest as possible Saurok customization options.

Lastly, there is the usual research of looking at Saurok mobs and lore in the game and seeing what we have to work with and to analyze. While I’ve done a lot with it, I’m still keeping an eye out for anything of interest.

Saurok are a race that have a lot of potential and can add a lot to the game, both gameplay and lore, especially since WoW is lacking a lizardman race. While they have a very uphill battle, I’ll always support them as a playable race, be it allied or core.

To end off this post, I would like to thank everyone who has come here, shared ideas, and help to show support for playable Saurok. I realize that the thread has mostly been me posting ideas and such, but I wanted to be clear in that I do welcome other people’s ideas and really appreciate the support. I also want to thank the other megathreads for giving me inspiration and courage to make my own Saurok megathread. Thank you all very much!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season. As for me, I will continue to show support for Saurok as best as I can, real life permitting, and I will also continue to dream of the day that we see Saurok in Orgimmar as part of the Horde. :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


I feel like Sauroks would get along well with the different races of the horde namely the forsaken and trolls zandalari included. With some sauroks having a religious belief in Kros, the devilsaur in the sky it would have been very interesting to see their reaction to the Zandalari’s loa Rezan who maybe some of them would view as another aspect of Kros. This and their seemingly being shared practices among trolls and saurok (Saurok hexxers in the game if I recall) they’d have a lot in common with trolls in general.

Overall pretty cool and lots of room for exploration that I’d love to see in-game.


Orcs and Saurok would likely get along well, since there are quite a few similarities between the two races and what they’ve had to go through (something I wrote a bit about in a previous post). Zandalari would take a little bit of explanation that it was the bad Zandalari that joined with the evil Mogu, and that should work out fine. Other than being great units that can be aquatic, I’m sure they’d be very popular with the other Horde races in general with all the meat dishes they would bring to share. :cut_of_meat::crocodile:

The thing about Kros is that, to my knowledge, it’s mostly the Skumblade tribe that worships him, and the Skumblade are full of zealots who think they come from him while other tribes know that the evil Mogu created them and tried to enslave them.

The idea of Saurok reaction to Rezan is a neat one, but we sadly won’t know since Rezan is a bit busy being dead. The Skumblade would likely see Rezan as a lesser god and wouldn’t like him at all. As for other tribes, it really depends on each tribe and how they have grown as a race since then.

My own personal opinion is that if Saurok worship anything, it could be a wild god. There are several of them, and if a theoretical playable Saurok faction did occur and came from Pandaria, I could see one of them leading Saurok away to form their own civilization as they worship said wild god.

As much work as it could be, one of the neat things with Saurok is that you can do quite a lot with them in terms of lore and fitting them in an expansion, be it as an allied race or a core race on a new continent. It can lead to many interesting discussions! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

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Yes! And we’ve seen sauroks working with other races without trying to kill them.

Just imagine some sauroks like this

We’re going back to Pandaria.

It would be a good time to see these thick shells again and this time as a playable breed.

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If there is one thing that Saurok get out of BfA, it is this type of development of their race. Even if the intent was just tossing in a bunch of NPC races and Vulpera to fit a one-off theme and said theme is pirates, it’s still an important development to show that Saurok can work with and negotiate with other races, which is something the Pandarens on Pandaria have been trying to accomplish with the Saurok there and are still attempting to.

Another thing to note from BfA would be the Gilblins, who show that a race that originally were angry male mooks with the depth of a puddle can be redesigned, given purpose and lore, and female models to fit as a potential allied race in the future. I’m sure something similar could be done with just about any NPC race, and Saurok would especially benefit from this.

While Shadowlands may not be the right place for them, there is always a chance they’ll fit in a future expansion and work as either an allied or core race. It’s not a guarantee, of course, but their chances have improved, in my opinion, and to continue to show support helps increase those chances further.

I’m still keeping an eye out for 8.3 stuff to see what Saurok activity there is, but even if they show up as world quest fodder, there is always a chance in the future. After all, it seems like a few tribes left Pandaria to seek their own fortune, and who knows how many of them left and what they’re up to?

Not to mention there are still evil Mogu around, and maybe the Saurok are the heroes we need and deserve to help with that. :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

Also that pirate image has caused me to reference this scene and song:

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I feel like we should get more lore for these folks since we’re going back to Pandaland. There’s a perfect chance right now to expand them and make them great. It’s a shame they weren’t seen beyond bad guys but kelfin show us that everything isn’t what it seems.


I was leveling an Alliance alt recently and made a couple of observations.

In Freehold, the Brinescale Saurok are wandering through the area peacefully. It’s a far cry from when we saw Saurok on Pandaria, where they just jump on you at a moment’s notice to eat your face. The Brinescale Saurok, however, are walking around in Freehold while not being RAWR and stuff, aside from the gladiators in the gladiatorial pit because it’s meant for combat, and even walking with another person, who so far seems to be another race in their Bilge Rat pirate crew. Granted, all the pirate crews there at the time were forced to pledge loyalty to Harlan Sweete, but it does show that Saurok are capable of working with other races even not part of their own faction to some extent.

It also seems like the Bilge Rats may not be just an alliance of convenience, as when Quartermaster Ssylis, the Saurok that is second in command, is killed, he says the following:

“Captain Eudora … lead us to victory…”

It strikes me as there being a goal that the Bilge Rats are working towards and they might be more than just a group that tolerates each other…granted, the group is of low moral fiber (pirates), but it does show that Saurok are not only capable of working together, but working together for a long term goal.

It’s something to note because if, by some Winter’s Veil miracle, they would ever be considered to be a future playable race, it shows that Saurok would be capable of being part of the Horde and working with them long-term. If the Brinescale Saurok join pirates both for survival and some form of conquest, the same could be said for a theoretical faction of playable Saurok that seeks survival, conquest over the Alliance, and spoils of war by joining the Horde. If Saurok can have some form of pride for a pirate faction of multiple races, the same could also be said for a faction of multiple races banding together for a bigger cause.

It’s kinda funny how a group of pirates put together for a one-off theme of sorts has offered a lot to think about. Still, it’s an important form of in-game representation that is worth looking over for some form of inspiration.

More Saurok research to continue in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Sauroks would be a great allied race :crocodile:


I mentioned looking for different types of scale patterns, colors, and features of different reptiles, and came across this neat video that showcases a few of these in bearded dragons:

This will be the first of likely many different forms of media I research on the subject to inspire some playable Saurok customization options, if they ever become playable of course.

I also wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday. Whatever you celebrate and plan to do in the coming weeks, please have a safe, happy, and fun winter holiday break!

More Saurok research to continue in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Have you ever wondered if sauroks could do it as chameleons and have the ability to change color to blend into the environment, like a racial? :crocodile::rainbow:


It would likely depend on what sort of lizards the evil Mogu gathered up to turn into Saurok. It’s possible some might be able to change color to a certain extent or under certain situations. Some reptiles are capable of doing that for survival in the wild. Far as I know, regarding in-game, I have not currently seen evidence of Saurok being capable of doing that.

As for going full on chameleon, that would be possible with the barbershop, so I don’t see them having the ability to permanently change their scale colors as a racial. Temporarily changing colors as a racial, likely as a form of stealth, could work, though! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

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Well it looks like we have an official release date for 8.3, which is January 14th:

As I said before, whatever Saurok activity that might be in our return to Pandaria, for better or worse, I’ll keep an eye on and report back here if anything appears.

Also on the subject of lizards and changing colors, I did find this youtube video that talks about chameleons and how/why they change colors:

As it turns out, camouflage does not appear to be the reason they change colors. In fact, I found this article that talks about that subject from National Geographic:

Still, color changing Saurok that can stealth blend into the environment when standing still, similar to the Night Elf racial, is a fun idea for a racial.

More Saurok research to continue in the future! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Well, 2019 is almost over, so happy new year’s eve to everyone! I wanted to make a few things with this post.

I realized that with new races comes new dances, jokes, and flirts, so I wanted to start throwing a few ideas. First, with dances.

To be honest, I’m not all too familiar with any dances or songs that are lizard/dinosaur related, but one potential dance I saw involves the song “Walk the Dinosaur” by “Was (Not Was)”:

You’ll see the “cave women” dance several times during the video, which is the dance I was thinking would work. That would be one dance, but another one would be needed. I’m not aware of any other well known dinosaur/lizard related songs, so if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to suggest it.

Next are some jokes and flirts I’ve thought of. Please feel free to suggest some of your own.


We try not to have beef with the Tauren, but sometimes it becomes a high steaks battle.

Of course we Saurok are smarter than we look! We learned how to speak from the wisest of our brood. We call them “The Saurus.”

I had a bone to pick with a Forsaken once, but we ended up just ribbing each other. We both found it very humerus.

Looks can be important, but sometimes we just have to scale back some.

Saurok Rogues are invaluable. They really know how to monitor.

Be careful in Orgimmar when the dinner bells ring. The roads will consist of saurus wrecks.

Members of the Horde keep asking us where the best place is to get mount and home insurance. I have no idea why!


I can show you just how full of “dino might” I am.

Did you know our mating is done tongue in cheek?

I can whisper sweet nothings, but I might talk your ear off.

If you can take a lickin’, I’ll keep on tickin’.

I assure you, I don’t suffer from “reptile dysfunction.”

I’ll try to think up more gradually over time. Also I know the forums recently updated, but I am unsure if I can post more than three times in a row. Unless someone replies, I’ll have to edit this post with updates if I can’t post a 4th post in a row.

Anyway, happy new year’s eve all! Saurok research and support will continue on into 2020 and beyond! :meat_on_bone: :crocodile:


Happy New Year.

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A couple of general videos to share for some idea inspiration. The first video consists of some interesting facts about bearded dragons, which some Saurok share a few similarities in looks:

A neat aspect about them is the ability for males and females to puff out their throats, which turns black, as a form of territorial dominance or when threatened. Looking at the Saurok model, they do have a bit of loose skin under their throats, so I’d be curious if they are capable of puffing their throat out. They also make great climbers, which is something Saurok can do quite well as shown in a few areas on Pandaria.

Next is a rather long video about the Lizardmen from Warhammer that talks about their history and the type of units they use:

This video was created before “Total War: Warhammer 2” was made, where the lizardmen became a playable faction. It is a game I’ve been very much interested in getting because of that. I’ve also thought about getting into the Warhammer Fantasy tabletop game someday. I’m sure you can guess what army I would use. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s interesting to see that despite looking savage and primitive, the Warhammer Lizardmen do fight for what they view as order, among other interesting aspects about them. Seems like I should do a lizardman comparison from different games and media to inspire some ideas for Saurok, sometime.

8.3 also comes out in just a few days. I’m personally excited to make my Vulpera and MechaGnome characters, as well as see what all is going on in Pandaria. I’m not expecting much Saurok-wise, of course, but you never know.

More Saurok research to continue in the future! :meat_on_bone: :crocodile: