The ultimate paradox

So if I have a lucky shirt and I mog it to red shirt…

and I’m Redshirtguy…

Am I lucky or doomed?!?!?!



You are both lucky and doomed.

First you win the lottery, then you get needlessly killed because you’re wearing a red shirt, then your family gets your lottery money and lives a comfortable life for generations.


You are Loomed.


Could I be like that guy in new jersey who loses his job and his wife divorces him and when he’s about to be evicted he tries a lottery ticket and wins $300M?

Oh yeah, and maybe I could mog my shoulders to those wings and trick the universe into thinking I’m already dead!

Maybe you will get lucky and die a honorable death while everyone else gets wiped out by Sylvanas

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wrong game sir.

the red shirt guy dies only in the original series

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Exactly. He will win the lottery, suffer a senseless violent death, and his family will inherit everything. This will allow them to live in comfort now, and into The Next Generation.

Fun fact: in Old Republic, my characters titles look like this:


Well see, there was another thread where I posted as Kirk with an alt-code,

and at exactly the same time another player named Spock with an alt-code posted their reply to whatever that thread was.

And I was like, ‘SPOCK!! i FOUND YOU!!’ ends search for Spock

And threw likes at each other. Then I saw Spock was in a guild called ‘Star Trek Fans’ on Stormrage.

I couldn’t get any alt-code cool names on that server, but Redshirtguy was available.

And then I went with monk to make him extra lame. (Thinking of time I did rising sun kick on Admiral Ripsnarl and flew past him out the window.)

Also that new starting zone was pretty neat. And I sold a syd the squid to get some gold.

Then when I saw lucky shirt in the AH, it blew my mind, and I dropped 600 gold on that bastard.

Then mogged it to red shirt.

And now I just need to go look for that star trek fans guild and get an invite.

Pretty sure they were alliance anyway…

You’re still doomed, but you have assurance that the doom in question will be spectacular.

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Spectacular doom is how my real life goes. I cherish the boring times.