The Truth About the Great Vault

This has to be the best part. You just love how they word it huh. Really made me laugh.

“For Whatever Reason”

Can we just be straight forward here and call it what it is. A turd RNG lottery loot system.

There are only so many BiS items.
There are 10 times more worthless items
Gloves, Bracers, Belts, Crappy Shoulders / Crappy trinkets have the highest drop rate.
Or certain items have a higher drop chance than others.

That’s why you have seen the same items 5-10 times over and over again, over the course of almost 2 years in the vault.

You are playing lottery RNG ON TOP OF lottery RNG …to get loot you actually want. Twice the RNG.

There Blizzard I said it for you. GG.

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you aren’t entitled to winning the lottery.

Go farm you BiS from the dungeon/raid directly. So what if its lower ilvl.

It was a dumb idea indeed and the wrong direction.
More farm and time burn without studying true game theory which if there was a class on this I would give the designer and F.