The Trading Post is in Full Bloom for May

yes put it on the trading post blizz. it’s time as a matter of fact its way past due.

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So like are y’all gonna fix the belt on the leather set (as well as the belt on the two other colorways of this set) or are you gonna keep showing off how much you don’t care a bunch of mog is bugged?


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Fits the theme of the expansion at least. It’s been nothing but bugs since release.

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Is that a turtle with rocket boosters? :dracthyr_nervous_animated:


Some cool stuff, those hooded cloaks are badass, keep them coming!


Yeah doesn’t do it for me either

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I am so hyped to get that bow.

Lost Crown of the Arcane - Looks cool.

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Some of these are cool, but why are all the simple weapons (except apparently the bow) so thick, like they’re made of foam.

The honed bastard sword and now this dagger. The guard and the blade are like 3 times thicker than they need to be, makes it look like a toy.

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Hi-res version of old models.

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I wish. If you look at, for example, the Long Bastard Sword it looks much sleeker than the Honed Bastard Sword. The screenshots on Wowhead don’t really show it, but on the old one the blade is thinner too. I can’t find any old “simple” 2H swords where the blade and guard are that crazy thick.

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Are the achieves the ONLY way to earn points for the bonus item for the month.
I mean, Im not doing a lot of that crap, like PvP…do they change the list every month so we have new achieves to work for?

Yeah, they change every month. I don’t do any of the PVP objectives and still get all of my tenders easily. Some of them also count if you’ve already done them, like completing all of whichever campaign.


I’m going to be shelling out some tenders for that one.


I just finished up this month for the two sword mogs. Pretty nice.
First time I bothered with it.
That turtle mount has my attention now though lol

Usually, I can knock everything out in an hour or two, but that’s because I treat the objectives like quests, and just grind it out on the first day they are released. But it is completely doable without grinding it out all at once as you have all month to do them.


Solid month.

That ToV cloth set recolor is interesting.


It’s got the wow art style look to it, Wow stuff is chucky, cartoony and exaggerated, which is the same as cartoony I suppose.

You are right and I am not a fan of the foam weapon look either, the newer look tries to add some character to it maybe, hell I don’t know.

I don’t play Ret, not going to worry about it!

You should come hang out here more, I like what you have to say!


Children’s week, my bday and awesome tradin’ post stuff??
:partying_face: :heartpulse: :giraffe:

I like really simple mogs. That is one of the things I’m 100% buying.

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Looking forward to getting the new turtle mount in May! Love collecting the various different mounts in the game!

Plus it looks like one of my favorite Pokemon from back in the day!