The Terrible Vault

That’s not what wowhead says, you just don’t understand what it says.

You will always have the option of taking a piece from the highest key you do. Just with this system you have 2 MORE options (or 8 if you do raid/pvp as well).

Bob does 12 Mythic+ Dungeons this week.

For his own progress he does a 2 3 4 5 6 7. After that he decides to help some friends so he does 2 3 2 3 4 4.

Bob’s first chest option will be: +7 (his highest key)
Bob’s second chest option will be: +4 (the lowest of his 4 highest)
Bob’s third chest option will be: +2 (the lowest of his 10 highest)

Bob can take the +7 if it is better than everything. Bob can take the +4 if the +7 has his worst stats and the +4 has the best, Bob can take the +2 if it is a slot that he is still wearing a leveling green for that spot.

Does that help?

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Using the phrasing “the lowest of the Nth highest” seems to add confusion. Wowhead more simply says “Highest Key, 4th Highest Key, and 10th Highest Key.” If you did at least 10 keys, then put them all in rank order from highest to lowest and highlight the 1st, 4th, and 10th–that determines the choices for your single reward.

1) +7 <-- 1st Highest
2) +6
3) +5
4) +4 <-- 4th Highest
5) +4
6) +4
7) +3
8) +3
9) +3
10) +2 <-- 10th Highest
11) +2
12) +2

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Their wording could have been better, I agree.

I :heart: You right now

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You are either lying, or it is bugged, because I did not time my only +10 and it is currently showing as my highest Mythic Keystone slot.

If it is showing your highest completed keystone as your … well… highest completed keystone, how is that bugged?

You said you have to time it for it to count. That is not true, unless there is some kind of bug.

There’s some debate about that. Some people are showing only if they timed and some regardless, so yes there is a bug somewhere (or UI error).

Blizz confirmed it was a bug and you don’t need to finish in time to get the reward.

That’s good to know because currently I’m one of the bugged

I don’t think I’ve done arena since they launched. You can lose every match and get honor?

Oh thanks for that! I had not seen that. I will go edit my post. :slight_smile:

Or people have the mental capacity of a ten year old. The Great Vault system is NOT hard to understand, and yet this thread and the people in it exist.

I’ve seen threads made where people do a dungeon, pop their tab open and immediately make a forum post about “WHY ISN’T IT SHOWING THE RUN I DID” like bro give it ten minutes to sync you f’ing inbred.

Here you go.

Thanks muchly. Went and edited my post to avoid further confusion. :slight_smile:

Well, I wouldn’t entirely disagree with you there. I mean maybe they could have worded it better, but it wasn’t terribly difficult to understand I didn’t think. Oh well. :slight_smile:

No joke at all OP reading your post was my thoughts on everything about a week ago

Then I learned you only get one piece of gear per vault. So I can target the pieces I want from raids, m+, or pvp.

Then I learned that it takes your TOP m+ into consideration not the lowest so therefore you are not penalized by running with lower friends.

TL dr

Op doesn’t understand the content and is doing the equivalent of “asking for the manager” when it’s literally she who cannot read the content guide properly.

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Bingo. The guide on wowhead even says as much (though that could be a recent addition):

As you complete objectives, you can mouse over the completed objective to get more details about what item level loot will be rewarded for completing that objective. The UI lists your highest five Keystones, and lets you know what you need to do to upgrade your current reward choice for that objective. You can complete any lower level keystones at that point without affecting the choices that you have earned: for example, you would be able to help you friends and spam +6s and the 5 Mythic Dungeon objective will not be affected.

Big lewt comes from big content, who woulda thunkit.