The Stormwind Union is Recruiting!

Do you have a lawful character from the Kingdom of Stormwind that’s looking for an active heavy RP guild? If so, the Stormwind Union may be for you!

The Stormwind Union is composed of two parts, both of which exist to serve the Kingdom. One is the Stormwind Watch, which is the law enforcement/guard organization for the kingdom. Watch officers patrol the city and the rest of the kingdom, investigate crimes and arrest suspects, kill dangerous wildlife and monsters, and provide emergency medical services. It’s a great place for people who want a clearly defined role with a lot of RP hooks built into it. The structure is also good for new RPers, especially since we train all our new officers for the role.

The other part of the guild is for civilians who are the lifeblood of the kingdom. Whether you’re a store-owner, a farmer, or a trader, you do your part to keep the kingdom prosperous. Characters not in the Watch can make their own way and have the freedom to RP almost anything, as long as they stay on the right side of the law and make a commitment to support the kingdom in its time of need.

We have events for everyone in the guild, from short one-evening affairs to grand stories than happen over months. We also have monthly meetings, our own website, Discord, and raid!

To apply, send an in-game, in-character letter to Orwyn saying whether you’re interested in a Watch or civilian position and some information about why you would be an asset to the kingdom in whichever role you desire. For more information, look us up in-game in the guild recruiter.

The Kingdom of Stormwind needs YOU! Will you answer the call?

((Since it’s easy to level new characters now, and will likely be even easier once the pre-patch hits, the SU is trying for the Stay Classy achievement. That’s the one for having most of the race and class combinations in the game. So if you’ve been waiting to make a new alt and and want to find RP in a fun, active guild, now is the time!

Here’s what we’re specifically looking for, in order to get the achievement:

Gnome: Warlock, Death Knight, Hunter
Dwarf: Every class except Paladin and Shaman
Pandaren: Every class except Monk and Warrior

To join the guild, characters still need to be lawful and follow the application process.

We look forward to hearing from you!))

I am having so much fun levelling my dwarf paladin. We can group up and fly through these levels, even as we get used to the class changes. I am willing to heal, even though I am still learning Holy. I do better as Ret.

((Bumped for the new year!))

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Breaking out this old post for the new expansion! We’re happy to take your new dragon people!

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