The solution to the H+ problem is.... more H++?

I’m betting Ulduar will have easier GS requirements than H++ :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh my lord, so … their fix didn’t account for DST is what I’m wagering.

So why are we moving away from being approachable and why did Cataclysm?

Activision turned WoW into a massive theme park with funny commercials and pop culture references most of the EQ crowd who played vanilla coming from EQ because it was a virtual word style MMO quit between WOTLK/Cata.

Design wise WOTLK matches the modern era or MMOs where the entire game is focused on max level and everything else is side content while Vanilla, like EQ, focused on world building, lore, and the adventure. Vanilla was more in line with Brad McQuiads D&D virtual word design philosophy.

I don’t believe its DST related. I’m assuming this is the patch that you were referring to that fixed it?

They stealth added that in a few days before they announced it, and it doesn’t even follow their own text, since the only thing that’s resetting at 7:00 realm time is which dungeon quest is active. The active daily quests for everything else still rolls over at 3:00 server time (handy for when you want to skip an annoying daily like the blood in the water cooking daily), and locks for dailies and dungeons reset at 11:00.

But regardless, that patch did nothing except shrink the window for your second bounty satchel from 3:00 - 11:00 ST, to 7:00 - 11:00ST.

Oh, I see, I was just under the impression it was fixed cause I’d never ever get up in the middle of the night for a few badges.

World building?

Classic WoW?

Eh… other than TBC and wrath being 10 levels of content instead of 60 since they were you know expansions they do a lot more world building than vanilla did.



Because like in retail dungeons (not raids) are the most popular thing to do for a very good reason.


  1. Forming groups is far easier.
  2. way less toxic and way more casual.
  3. they’re fun (even if the wrath ones are easier than a TBC normal mode)
  4. players like loot progression and dislike raiding (Personally I am the one that preferences raids)

These are the reasons, its a logical choice for Blizzard studio to do this.

Lmao. It’s amazing how everything you say is wrong. How does 10 levels of world building and 5-6 zones beat 60 levels of world building and an entire world with massive spawning quest lines and lore dumps starting at level 5?

I can see kinda what he’s saying… and I think he’s focusing on the “storyline” rather than the actual content present from start to finish of the “version”

This is assuming you look at Wrath as only level 70 to level 80 and everything south of 70 is not “wrath”

Vanilla has basically no world building or lore it’s just a bunch of quest hubs, you do one and it might have a quest taking you to the next one.

That there’s a lot of world doesn’t mean it’s highly developed.


Go download the voice acting addon for Classic and go tell me there’s no storylines or world building. I already know you can’t read based on your posts on the forum so maybe it’ll help a bit.

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Welll… vanilla does not really have quest hubs, there are a few… kinda… but its not like TBC / Wrath / everything since where they really do have quest hubs.

Vanilla content is, just different and not focused on a “Big baddy”; instead you the player are a minor adventurer that never becomes anything more than such, and go from job and adventure to the next, making yourself a better mercenary over time, but are never the main and focal point of the primary story or even a true minor character within it.

This is where vanilla and all the rest differ greatly, the player is a very minor cog in a much greater machine, and I think this is a big part of the appeal…

Also the lack of a primary focus of the game and instead a mixture or episodic sort of feel with different problems to solve but no main big baddy like Illidan or Arthas to deal with.

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That addon is godly man… I love it, frankly I don’t understand why Blizzard does not pony up the cash and buy that from the maker… Legit they could and honestly should, its that good.

Tho there are some interesting errors in the voice acting VS the actual quest text…

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Yeah vanilla doesn’t really have an over all theme I don’t know how much that was intentional vs blizzard at that point being more focused on just trying to get a functional MMO running. Either way it leads to it feeling like things are just kind of there.

It very much does have quest hubs though, all those really are are a location with a bunch of quests around the same level. You’ll clear one and you’ll typically have a quest telling you where the next one is.

It was intentional. That’s how all virtual worlds were designed in the golden age of MMOs. You were meant to be a peon to society and build yourself up. It was the same in EQ and UO. It’s a core component of RPG design that virtual worlds are built around.

I actually think its why vanilla feels so damn good, and why I don’t burn out on it like I do with Wrath+