The solution for ranking in Season of Mastery?

On one level I agree with you. The current system has some merit. The relativity aspect which you spoke to helps foster a community and players have to make choices on how (or if) they want to work together. This builds the community of the server as a whole which is a good thing.

Another positive is that it is an achievement and the rewards are fitting for the massive amount of work required to meet the goal.

The downsides are the behaviors that it promotes though, personally during my rank 14 grind during classic at one point I was ranking against two people who were known and confirmed botters. So now instead of a battle of will against other players, I was literally facing a machines that didn’t need to sleep or take breaks. Because it measures quantity and not quality it doesn’t matter if you are a robot, or play like trash, or AFK in the base during AV weekend and because the grind requires players to play so much many people attempting the grind choose do to do just that.

So while it has its elegance it also has its issues which is why it is such a heavily discussed topic.

Well, yeah. The existence of bots we can’t control. I don’t think that’s really a fault of the system though.

Having a system that measures something quality rather than quantity would mitigate that issue though. If its not about how much you play and more about how well you play the incentive to bot or afk in AV is reduced.

So similar to the arena system then. Where the top fraction percent get a title based off of win loss? Something like that. I don’t know the ins and outs of the arena system. I really don’t care the exact details, but as long as it’s relative and that the availability of the title is very, very limited.