<The Shadow Collective> Alliance Korialstrasz/Eldre'thalas

The Shadow Collective would like to extend an invitation to all ally players looking for a home after the server merge. We are one of the top guilds on our server with many of our players being in the top 100 on our combined servers. We are a competitive guild with a casual atmosphere. Our guildies are close knit and treat each other like family. We are a very successful heroic raiding guild with aspirations to become a mythic raiding guild next expansion. We are also very much into running mythic + with a very high level of success pushing into the 20s here recently. We also run a cross realm community that has had great success getting many people into content they otherwise would not experience. We have gotten many of those players into heroic content and the majority of them AOTC. We are very proud of our cross realm community.
If you would be interested in joining our family, please get with us in game when the time comes and we would be happy to help you. You can find us in the guild finder, the cross realm community finder, at shadowco(dot)io or hop into our discord and say hi at discord(dot)gg(slash)cfrhVf7
We welcome the merge and would like to welcome all of you. We look forward to seeing you in game.