The Rivalry between Gundrak and Frostmourne

I was once an ex-Frostmourne player.

What made me decide to join Gundrak and not others and why did I choose to join that realm?

For a start, there were many problems with the Realm in Frostmourne that pretty much it’s Hellfire over there regardless of race. The experience over there to me was terrible so I have decided to pack up my bags and leave what is still a mighty empire that still ravages on even towards this day.

Here is my story as to why I decided to leave Frostmourne to join Gundrak.

Long story short, there was a rivalry going on between Gundrak players and Frostmourne over server popularity, a contest was fought to see who was the better of the two. Frostmourne had won out and people have migrated over there, there are a few loyal Gundrak players over there.

What was the rivalry all about?

It’s simple, in Australia there are 12 realms that exist, competing to see who are the most populated Realm in all of Oceania, Frostmourne wins by a mile while Gundrak is left sitting in dust.

Good news for Gundrak is that Jubei-Thos was also a struggling realm, although they have twice the players than in Gundrak but nowhere near as much as Frostmourne.

It reminds me there is and still is currently a rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne about being the capital of Australia.

So if anyone would like a retreat from High Populated realms because it didn’t work out for you there are some quiet ones that you can enjoy.

I am glad now that I am part of Gundrak, although quiet but peaceful.

The bad thing about it is that we are also cross-joined with other realms and we get labelled as loners or losers that can’t get a team of 10 to raid.

Well for a start it’s a low populated realm, so what do you expect?

This is coming from someone that came from a highly populated realm that didn’t turn out all that well for me, I was over there in Frostmourne as a Horde and I have decided to leave and stick with Gundrak and have decided that this is my home town and I am prepared to build it from scratch.

Although temporary I would like to make it my home town in Oceania. If Gundrak decides to be closed because it’s not feasible to run a server with low population I understand that but that doesn’t mean I am left out in anyway, it means I would have to relocate. Besides I have options now to explore to goto other places to go in N/A Servers if Gundrak is no more and no longer exists.

This is my personal experience, Be glad that I am a Gundrak Player that would like to forge a new path a new goal on World of Warcraft.

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