The Right Food... quest bugged at last step

Waited 3 days to get my Primed Emerald Dream Fertilizer, went to the sprout, used the item, it disappeared, I got no credit for anything, and the sprout remains unchanged.

PLEASE fix this; the ignominy and aggravation of having to wait ANOTHER 3 days for a NEW fertilizer to HOPE the quest works is already a lot to deal with right now.

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Having the same issue was informed that u should log out and log back in with the item in your bag.

It used the item though… so we have to redo the entire thing?

I got my ticket back from a GM stating to look at wowhead/forums for help because their ticket queues are high right now. I submitted a follow-up with my explicit frustration, so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll update when I get a response.

I might be too aggravated, but I want to suggest that everyone affected make their own tickets so it steadily becomes a more relevant issue and possibly quicker.

Too late for me.

As it was for me. Hoping to get this absolute gaffe of a misstep on their part resolved.

Have any of you clicked on the sprout and selected an option to either tell the plant a joke or read a poem?

I hit the same bug two nights ago. Was online to see the timer complete on the fertilizer, used the item, no change in the sprout or the quest status. Started over collecting the right food. :frowning: I found the wowhead post describing the bug afterward, naturally. I warned a friend, he was logged out when the fertilizer matured, and was able to progress the quest line afterward.

In response to Mairek’s question, there are no options to entertain the sprout, it still shows the dialogue from the previous step.

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Hit the same bug last night and I am really, really disappointed.

I used the quest dialog to spread the fertilizer but my quest did not progress and I appear to be well and truly screwed :slight_smile:

Relogged and I did not get my item back.

This is crap.

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Update: a message with spelling errors and winding paragraphs seemingly churned from chatGPT told me to submit bug ticket + wait and watch forums in case others figure it out.

That’s all. I’ve now asked for an escalation, and will post back here with the results.

I have also encountered this bug twice now. The second time I made sure I was logged out when it “finished” … logged in, logged out, logged in again and gave it the Primed Fertilizer … and it still didn’t work. Like this is something that should have been QA’d / tested before going live. 6 days wasted.

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That’s awful. I’m sorry it happened yet again. As I said, I have an attempt at an escalated ticket waiting to be replied to, so we’ll see where it goes when it does. In the meantime, please make a bug ticket and a support ticket for this obscene circumstance.

Just did it on my druid about an hour ago and it bugged out as well. No progress on the quest and my Fertilizer was used.

Sent ticket and got back same response. Not sure what to do now.

Reposting from another thread just in case it helps:

So I just finished this quest. I didn’t touch the item after it finished preparing, but I went to the plant, clicked the plant, and clicked the option of spreading the fertilizer, and it worked. I think I remember clicking the item in my bag and it up and disappearing that way, but I can’t be too sure.

Ive done this twice now. About to start the third by deleting the quest and accepting it again. First time I was logged in when the item ticked over, the second I was logged out - both didnt work.

Hopefully third time is a charm!

same exact issue, very frustrating