The Right Food... (Not working)

The quest “The Right Food…” is bugged. The fertilizer finished in my bag. Went to put it on the plant. Food is gone, but quest didn’t complete.


This is a major issue. Wowhead comments say I have to make another and wait another 3 days because of the bug.


WHAT is the proper sequence of steps to follow to make sure this hands in properly? Does not explain anywhere on Wowhead. Or is it just bugged for everyone?

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Apparently you have to make sure you’re logged out when the fertilizer finishes composting. Then it will work. If it finishes while you’re online, it won’t work.

At least, that is how I understand it.

Edit: Some people have said as long as they log out with finished fertilizer right before handing finishing the quest, it will work.


Just happened to me. I’m extremely angry and want my quest item I waited 3 days for back and/or quest completion.


So I just finished this quest. I didn’t touch the item after it finished preparing, but I went to the plant, clicked the plant, and clicked the option of spreading the fertilizer, and it worked. I think I remember clicking the item in my bag and it up and disappearing that way, but I can’t be too sure.

Also having this issue. Having to redo the quest as the GM says there’s no current way to fix it from their end. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not addressed in the 12/5 downtime. Still bugged.

Had this issue last week, I had to make a new fertilizer and wait for the full 3 days again.

I followed the advice of the WoWHead comments and made sure I was not online on the character with the fertilizer when it finished composting. I logged in after the completion time and I was able to finish the quest normally.

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Not addressed in the 12/12 downtime. Still bugged.