The Return (RP)

The druid attacked her, slashing at her helm with it’s claws. Her stare dead locked into her enemy’s eyes. A body slammed into her from behind. No time to worry about that, as she jumped to the side, barely avoiding the paw. Her breathing holding steady, as she gathered herself to counter the missed attack. BAM Where was this coming from!!! She swung her axe, just missing the druid’s leg. The air suddenly becoming cold, the mage was here. The warrior rushed into stop the caster before any more damage could be done… BAM BAM

“WAKE UP!” The door flying open as the priest Tyrny walked in. She looked at her friend, dripping in sweat barely awake. “You had another dream… didn’t you?” Tyrny cast her eyes down, filled with sorrow and regret. They had lost many friends over the years. “Have you really thought about coming back? It is not the same since you left. Things are different, more peaceful. Can you even handle it?”

The warrior looked at her friend. Quickly turning away, embarrassed at how she must look…the damage from the many battles from years past. “I have my mind made up…” She barely gets the words out… “This is what must happen.” As she looks up, her eyes burning with rage, the fury being pent up. Getting up from the bed, she grabs the old axe, sheathed and kept well taken care of. As she continues to gather everything, she barely notices Tyrny talking. Lost in her own thoughts, the pain from previous wounds bother her. The old fights with the mages, paladins… old guilds who tormented her… The Trust, Errant Pride…
“…Solivia is still there. Though, after you left, she took a step back. She’s no longer an officer.” Snapping her head quickly to face the priest, her hair whipping around. Tyrny could see the pain and anger flaring in her eyes. “You do really understand that you have been gone for a long time. Everyone thought you were never coming back. Honestly, they may not even accept you anymore. I already said, its more peaceful. Things really are different. I tell you this to prepare you. I only want what’s best for you. Word has already been sent to Solivia on your behalf.”

“Then there will be hell to pay. I started that guild. It doesn’t matter. I have made up my mind…” The warrior left her friend behind as she headed to the armory.

“May the gods keep you safe, and prepare those who you want your revenge on.”