The reasons why i believe that the wow token would be beneficial for SoD

you can call it whatever you want but that doesnt change the fact that GDKPs would not be able to have a significant effect on the economy if an overwhelmingly large majority of players didn’t engage in GDKPs.

I’m calling it what it is, it’s a logical fallacy and your conclusion is way off the mark.

You don’t have any facts.

well let’s take a look at the state of SOD economy, shall we?

so, GDKP has changed the economy of SOD, is that correct?

if GDKP changed the economy of SOD, then many players must have engaged with GDKPs in order for it to have more than an insignificant effect on the economy, correct?

would you say that GDKP could effect the economy if only a small handful of people ever used GDKPs?

I have a conspiracy theory about OP.

The Facts:

  1. Has Disposable Income

  2. Wants WoW Token

You know who else has Disposable Income and loves to Pay to Win?

Saudi Princes.

And Overwatch League just teamed up with Saudi Arabia for its E-Sports League.

SUSPICILOUSLY around the same time this thread was created.


OP is actually Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman

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Was the 2008 global economic collapse caused due to the economic activity of the majority population? Or was it caused by a small cabal in one sector of the economy who make up less than 3% of the total workforce?

you can try to spin this however you want but the reality is this:

a large enough number of people were engaging with GDKPs to cause blizzard to take notice.

if GDKPs were only used by a small minority of the SOD population, then blizzard would never even know that it existed.

so blizzard is going to listen to the majority of SoD players on this topic.

that’s all i need to say on the topic, so have a lovely day my friend :slight_smile:

You have no argument in favor of the Token, and this is all just another thinly veiled GDKP Thread #19673.

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so you agree that an overwhelmingly large majority of people have been creating threads to support the return of GDKPs? 19000 is certainly a large number!

oh that is wonderful news, thank you so much my dear friend.

you have a lovely day, i really must be going now. i was just so excited to see you agree with me that i had to post a thank you message.

You sure did.

yes i would agree with this 100%.

And you’d both be wrong because a gold price ceiling wouldn’t remove the botting activity, the sellers aren’t going to suddenly become unprofitable.

They’d only see a slight reduction in their margin of profit.

actually we would be 100% correct…

when the wow token comes to SoD, anyone who wants to buy gold will buy it legitimately from blizzard and thus the illicit bots will have no more business.

Then how come when I load into the shore of Exile’s Reach in retail WoW, there are Chinese bots spamming their gold selling websites in Say Chat as I make this very post after a decade of there being a WoW Token in the game?

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Would the door to door salesmen still be going door to door after ten years if someone wasn’t likely to buy?

I’ve worked door to door for a whole year, I know exactly how the law of averages works.

if they have nowhere else to go, yeah they would.

They wouldn’t even survive at that point, you absolute fool.

With nowhere else to go?

Yeah, why not?

Someone’s bound to bite eventually, right?

Sounds like a cost then, since energy isn’t free.

And the hardware running the bot farm?