The real True heroes

(Goldensmile) #1

Gladiators who use overbuffed patch classes to get gladiators are not True gladiators

Gladiators who use their preferred nerfed classes to get gladiators are True Gladiators

Not a PVPer tho


I agree. I will take it one step further and say all those pvpers that faction changed to horde are also not “real” pvp hero. If you need to have a crutch to be good, then your not really that good. But I am not a competitive pvper.


I do not even understand why reroll or faction change just for a sake of a hidden number on your profile (rating) in your spare time activity/hobby.
Not like any item is gated behind a certain level like in the old days (shoulders, weapons etc).
You literally gain nothing other than some ugly xmogs maybe.
Play with your friends or randoms, take the time and enjoy process of getting better in many areas (classes, roles) while learning patience, discipline along the way.