The raid party XP bug nerf is a good thing

In reference to this:

One of my big complaints with modern WoW is how the ‘World’ of Warcraft has been sidelined by the dungeons and raids. The only reason you see people out in the world is if they’re doing World Quests or finishing up Loremaster for flying.

I dont want that for Classic. A few days ago when I hit 31 and went to STV, a /who showed 14 people in the zone on Incendius. A /who two hours later in Scarlet Monastery showed more than 50.

This is good for the long-term health of the game. Less efficient XP from dungeon farming means more people will be out in the world. Brainlessly pulling 50 mobs and AoEing them down doesnt exactly lend itself to building a server community the way people questing together does.

Also, this XP rate was a bug and certainly wasnt a thing back in the day. #nochanges means take the good with the bad.


What are you talking about. This was obviously a bug that wasn’t in Classic and is getting fixed. Does this need a justification?

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No, it doesnt. But people are going to throw a utter pissfit over it anyway.