The RAID is Timegated

Of all the timegating crap in WoW I don’t care about this one at all.

Literally no one except the most elite of the players, like the 1%, will actually get to Anduin on any difficulty in week one.

I just don’t see the problem when folks ain’t reaching the boss anyways in that time. Like it doesn’t really effect folks and they’re just adding a bit of story flavor.

its time gated by a week guys
calm down lol

Is it because the last 3 bosses have a small chance to drop a broken trinket or weapon, and they don’t want the WF race decided by who gets lucky in Heroic week?

I think the difference is how they’ve taken gates that existed and put it into absolutely every aspect of the game. And I do understand why. That happens when you have no new dungeons, battlegrounds, no Brawler’s Guild, nothing else to add.

In Wrath there was like 9 raids. Here there will be three. Which puts it on par with WoD.

The troubled year really caused a lot of content to just not happen. And it’s sad, but frustrating too.

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Narratively, the Eternity’s End raid tells two stories, one after the other. Our current plan for the release of the raid looks like this:

  • During the first week of the release of Eternity’s End, the raid will not be open.
  • Beginning with the second week, the raid will open for Normal and Heroic difficulties, and the first eight bosses will be available in those difficulties.
    • It will not be possible to fight the final bosses on any difficulty during week two.
    • This is intended to provide a moment to tell the story in a way that accounts for the passage of time between the events of the eighth encounter and the subsequent encounters.
  • Beginning with the weekly reset of week three, all bosses will be available on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties.
    • This will also be the opening of the first wing of the raid on Raid Finder difficulty.

So OP just wants to get people to join him in being mad at Blizzard.

I just don’t understand why people do this.


Timegating isn’t inherently evil, and it’s been a part of wow for nearly 17 years.

Isle of Quel’danas, Sunwell, ICC, Isle of Thunder, etc.

It’s more about how it’s handled then anything.


I think this makes a lot of sense and people are freaking out over nothing. It’s about time Blizzard started working narrative into their gameplay, so kudos.


Can’t y’all just open all of LFR for once. It kind of silly to wait 2 months to get it all.


Ok but 10 man mythic raiding or is raiding still a doa game mode?

OP is a really “unique” person when he once joined us on discord

I can’t say what they did but it was really toxic


Sunwell, ICC, and ToC were also timegated. Actually, they were even more timegated.


You forgot the OG, gates of AQ farming.

Not really sure what to think.

The vast majority of guilds aren’t going to AOTC on week one. M+ gear is also timegated until week 3.

That sounds like timegating with extra steps.


Ah yes, i did forget to list that one :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m okay with everything but this.

Just give us LFR to the first 8 bosses, unlock the remaining three the reset after the World First is accomplished.


It is timegating, but it’s largely timegating that doesn’t have an overall impact in the grand scheme of things.


Why even wait that long, just unlock it all in the same cadence as normal.