The Race to World First in Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Has Begun!

The Race to World First in Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Has Begun!

The race to see who can thwart Fyrakk and his allies— the Druids of the Flame—begins this week. The top World of Warcraft guilds will race through a series of challenges as they make their way to the top of Amirdrassil and the ultimate showdown that waits for them. Who will cross the finish line to claim World First?

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Oh wow! …anyways…

j/k j/k Just Bustin your onions a little Blizz. :heart:

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Just commenting to point out that I’m pretty sure the last line’s supposed to be a question, not an exclamation.

Although this is just a bot post so it’s not gonna change.

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the cheaters are still playing the game after exploiting renown farm. where is the perma account ban or at least 1 week? looks like abuse early and often is a good practice


The only thing that is a “bot” is the system automatically creating a forum thread. Humans write these. Humans publish these. It’s been corrected. Thanks!


MMOs shouldn’t be esports /thread


:fire: :fire_engine:


Bot’s getting a little uppity. Skynet soon, I hope.

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damn dude. who asked

Luckily for everyone not participating, it’s not.

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:hot_pepper: :fire: :hot_pepper:


I mean if that’s the truth, why do so many posts go out with improper grammar on a regular basis? :upside_down_face:

Phones autocorrect is something we all have to endure

Cheese graters are smoother than some of the replies in here.

This addon abuse race its boring as f.


Haven’t watched the RWF since end of BfA, it just comes with a very sour taste. It was already bad enough when it became public 3 years ago that guilds like Method paid several thousand Euros to boosting communities in exchange for gold - and nobody was sanctioned.
Now a lot of these guys were involved in the latest seed exploit and, what a surprise, small 24-hour-bans were handed out so they could participate in the start of the season.
There’s just no integrity when it comes to the RWF anymore. It’s just treated like free advertisement for the game without any regards to rules or fair play.

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I like this guy :wink:


Like…what do we get out of this?

Is somebody going to hand out chairs again?

Oh wow, more eSports BS, maybe someday enough people will care about it to actually matter.


Ahh the leeching of world first guilds off the normies has begun… pls tell them to go bury their head somewhere else besides my hind quarters.