[The Quarterly Conclave of the Kirin Tor] Summary: March 2022

Citizens and allies of Dalaran!

Four times a year, as the seasons turn, the Kirin Tor recall its members, agents and allies back to Dalaran and hold a gathering to share news, discuss issues and collaborate on common goals.

The Kirin Tor have trained mages from all cultures and nations, and thus have agents everywhere. Four times a year, those agents are asked to return to Dalaran and meet with their brothers and sisters. They are invited to bring allies and friends to enjoy everything the sanctuary city has to offer.

A New Tradition
The first official Conclave officially took place in March of 2022 and was held as a two-day event. On day one, The Sunreavers hosted a meet-and-greet in the neutral Legerdemain Lounge, near the heart of the city. Then, on day two, representatives from Kalimdor, the eastern Kingdoms and the Broken Isles reported on ongoing campaigns in their respective corners of the world.

Upcoming Dates
The next Quarterly Conclave will take place in June of this year.

If you would like to help see this event be a success and get involved, or have ideas that could make these two days a greater success, please comment down below!


Which Dalaran will this take place at? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Good question!

While Legion Dalaran is nicer, graphically… Northrend Dal’s purple parlour is more useable for the meeting portion. Also, the Legerdemain Lounge is more of a… lounge, and less of a coffee shop.


A magical scroll appears at your footstep, hutstep, or general vicinity opening itself into a pair of paper lips, as a soft motherly voice comes from the paper.

“Hello, Allies, champions, and heroes of the Kiron Tor and beyond. I hope this message finds you good and well and didn’t ruin anything, but I would I like to humbly invite you to the Quartley Kirin Tor Conclave!”

“This event will be once again hosted by our very own Magister Axiann Sungazer, Leader of the Sunreavers along with myself this time, Lady Briana Cain. It will be a lovely time and I do hope to see all of your wonderful faces there to enjoy the refreshment, merriment, and wonderful memories we share! Don’t be late!”

The paper lips begin to turn sideways until it unfurled itself and become a small scroll that floated down with information on where the event will be held!

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As the paper lips form and begin to speak, Loviattar picks up her sickle sword and slashes the thing into oblivion. Little bits of paper flutter to the ground.

“I can read. I don’t need to be read to!” she growled as she returned to her romance novel.


This is happening next week!!


Alleri’ella walked the streets of Dalaran, on her way to the Violet Citadel, on the orders of Magister Sungazer. Winter was giving way, and the milder temperatures indicated Spring was just around the corner for the Broken Isles. And when one season gave way to the next, the magi of the Kirin Tor returned home.

The Kirin Tor was comprised of magi from all walks of life: from the Orcs to the Draenei, the Gnomes to the Elves, young magicians with potential were identified and trained at the Violet Citadel by the best of the best. And then, when their studies were done, and they were given the recognition of the Magus title, they were free to choose between staying, or returning to their homelands, to be in service.

As did most citizens of Dalaran, Alleri’ella enjoyed the Conclave. The Violet Gate was as busy as ever, with a seemingly unending stream of magi coming through the portal and into the city. The streets were abuzz, and the vendors and shopkeepers were as happy as could be. Artists of all kinds took up spots in the parks and cafés and entertained. There was new life, after three long months of winter.

The two-day event would kick off on Friday starting at 5pm, with a meet-and-greet at the world famous Legerdemain Lounge, a coffee shop by day, and tavern by night. While Alleri’ella would be in bed, she knew her Magister, and others from her order, would be there.

This two-day event starts tomorrow! A great way to find out what others are running as stories or campaigns around Azeroth, and maybe get yourselves involved!

Representatives of the Saberguard will be attending Saturday.

(Loviattar will leave her boxing gloves at home this time!)

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OH nah bring em, you tore my letter! Ma dukes don’t play that!

Wait, letter? What letter?

LOL she did!

packs the boxing gloves

The one that’s earlier in the thread. :joy:

Quarterly Conclave
Night 1:
Meet and greet

Here are a few shots from the social event at the Legerdemain Lounge. Thanks to everyone who came and made it so enjoyable!


I regret not being able to stay longer at the party, but I had alot of fun regardless!

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This week, representatives from many factions from across Azeroth gathered in the Purple Parlor of the Violet Citadel for the first of this year’s Quarterly Conclaves, hosted by Archmage Briana Cain of the Kirin Tor.

Many guests spoke and shared information on various campaigns across the continents. Magister Sungazer of the Sunreavers, Commander Vadinaar of the Argent Crusade and Highlord Raseri of the Legion of the Dawn began the evening by reporting on the Mossflayer Trolls’ advances and foray into necromancy in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Representatives from Kalimdor spoke next. Raton of the Wolfmane Tribe described the Tauren’s activities during the quiet Winter months, while also mentioning the discovery of a group attempting to foster animosity and incite wars amongst the peoples of Kalimdor.

Meanwhile, Warlord Jan-Mak, of the Vol’kar Legion, pledged his troops aid in whatever campaign the Coalition needed assistance with over the coming months, stating they would come if called upon.

Then, Patrol Captain Loviataar of the Duskwatch Saberguard informed assembled guests of a taint to the leylines in Suramar, which seems to be draining the life out of the nearby woods. Along with her, Priestess Lyastei invited those interested to reach out to the Helping Hands Coalition, whose goals are the reparations of the relationship between the Kaldorei and the Horde.

Finally, Commander Vadinaar asked for another audience, and explained that one working under the Argent banner, Malek D’zhaeri, had recently been found to have poisoned the entire population of Mossflayer Trolls at Zul’Moshar, including civilians. A fierce debate ensued over the proper process for trial.

When faced with the possibility of possible extradition to Quel’Thalas, the accused made a run for the doors, yet was stunned and apprehended. As he was escorted to the Violet Hold for temporary keeping, the Conclave came to a dramatic end.

Thank you to all who came out for this event! We hope to have another Conclave in June, so stay tuned!