<The Opposition> recruiting healers only for AQ and beyond - Horde

The Opposition is a guild formed with 90% of its player base being from vanilla wow. All of us have been together as a gaming community since WoTLK. For a guild, that’s not bad!

We’ve all re-rolled on Whitemane for the classic content. We’ve completed all content in Classic Wow thus far.

We’re currently recruiting for good people that want to help others. Good people willing to help a guildie out, make jokes in discord and log on when it’s not a raid day! We’re not a speed clearing guild, you can tell that by our parses. We’re not about the loot as we use a DKP/LC approach to loot that spreads the loot out evenly amongst all guildies. If you are looking for a community of gamers that care about each other more than a one-night clear, then you’ve found a good guild. Our mindset isn’t about clearing content as fast as we possibly can, our mindset is to reach all content through TBC together, while having a good laugh every time we raid AND getting gear.

Raid nights are Friday and Saturday nights - 7pm - 10pm Pacific Time.

Wednesday- MC optional
Friday- AQ40 - full clear
Saturday- BWL/MC
Sunday- 3:30pm - 20 man raid content - Ony/ZG/AQ optional
Sunday-7pm- MC (2nd run) optional

Please whisper anyone in guild for an invite. Tell them Heeksters forum post sent you!

We’re currently looking for the following for immediate raid spots:

  • Fury Warriors

  • Mages

  • Hunters

Message me on Discord: Heekster#0350 or BattleTag: TheMrs#11580

Check us out on the web at Opposition Gamers .com

We’d love to have you!



Bump! Great group of people!

You can also add me at "TheMrs#11580 " - on btag just in case you’d like to talk more about the guild. Thank you!


The Opposition is the best!! :star_struck:

I have been with The Opposition since March and I have been enjoying Classic more ever since! Great group of people that do not take the game too seriously.

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