The Opposition of Whitemane Horde Recruiting for Naxx and TBC!

The Opposition is a guild formed with 90% of its player base being from vanilla wow. All of us have been together as a gaming community since WoTLK.

We’re currently recruiting for good people that want to help others. Good people willing to help a guildie out, make jokes in discord and log on when it’s not a raid day! We’re not a speed clearing guild, you can tell that by our parses. We’re not about the loot as we use a DKP/LC approach to loot that spreads the loot out evenly amongst all guildies. If you are looking for a community of gamers that care about each other more than a one-night clear, then you’ve found a good guild. Our mindset isn’t about clearing content as fast as we possibly can, our mindset is to reach all content through TBC together, while having a good laugh every time we raid AND getting gear.

Raid nights are Friday and Saturday nights - 7pm - 10pm Pacific Time. We are currently 5 out of 15 bosses in Naxx and slowly progressing through.

Wednesday- MC optional
Friday- Naxx progression
Saturday- Naxx progression
Sunday- 3:30pm - 20 man raid content - Ony/ZG/AQ optional

Please whisper anyone in guild for an invite. Tell them Heeksters forum post sent you!

We’re currently looking for the following for immediate raid spots:

  • DPS

  • Healers

Message me on Discord: Heekster#0350 or BattleTag: TheMrs#11580

Check us out on the web at Opposition Gamers .com

We’d love to have you!