The only way to easily make gold, is to purchase the wow token

I sell tokens sometimes for BoEs. I can work 1 hour of overtime and buy 3 wow tokens with it. There’s nothing in-game that’s even 10% of that, except maybe AH shenanigans.

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Im actually gambling on this on the off chance it happens. Goods are so low its basically 0 risk,

Assuming of course you mean that’s repeatable consistently. Since theoretically you could go somewhere, kill a mob, get a drop worth millions, post it on the AH and have it sell instantly.

Well they can buy all they want but the thing is, now you have every single person in NA trying to sell items that you’re trying to sell too. I just relisted some of my tomes and within SECONDS. I was already 3-4 sellers behind the first.

Same for me. I have 6 toons I roll Boards on and its easy money.

I have spent a massive amount of time farming old mats because they were either unavailable or at ridiculous prices. I’m not feeling any sympathy.

All Blizz did was merge everything, if enough 9 figure gold players band together to control pricing it won’t matter how much gets posted on the AH :laughing: Only thing that could thwart them is large scale botting

They are going away in DF anyway. Think of it as advanced planning…

I used to buy tokens monthly, but prices on AH skyrocketed the more people buy tokens, so its not worth anymore. I don’t want to give my money to some lazy gamer XD XD

Won’t something else replace it?

Just so you know, all the prices I’m used to went UP!

Granted it’s only the first day. I won’t pass judgement until 2+ days from now when things settle in. But so far… this would be great for sellers for what I’m used to.

So far Blizz announced that you will be able to freely change your talents in DF. So unless they change their minds or throw in some other talent system, the item itself will be obsolete.

Time to diversify your crafting.
It will take time for the prices to stabilize.
In the meantime, I’m stocking up on mats whenever I can (damn kids are fast clickers).

Translation “Congratulations Blizzard you made it so I can no longer rip people off with ridiculous prices and I’m big mad”

The close to 4 million gold I have on my various characters, while never purchasing a token would seem to disagree. You can make like 3k a day just doing about 30 minutes of trivial content.

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That’s great but now I’m worried that the professions being redone in Dragonflight will be meaningless. I would passively make about 10-20k every day or two with the old system. Now, everyone in this region is fighting to post the same thing.

didnt you see that coming when the token was introduced?

it’s not like it’s a new phenomena…

6 hours of gathering boring stuff or 1 token that you probably pay in ~an hour?

*if youre lucky and raid a bunch you can sustain basic spendings just selling BoEs at least.

The shadowlands ore market got pretty wrecked by the update. I enjoyed gathering for gold, it felt on some days a specific ore was in demand and would be 20g+ and was a very good/chill money maker.

Now all the ores (minus Elethium) are 5g or under.

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I mean, if we’re being fair, the average price of that item on US servers was about 206 via data collection across all servers from TSM. Looking at the data, 250 might be a little high, but it isn’t something I would consider totally outrageous.

As far as current prices go? I wouldn’t say things have cratered the way I anticipated, but it’s also entirely possible that the economy hasn’t settled yet. It’s also possible that some of the servers that tended to have much lower prices haven’t quite had the folks that will tank things log in yet.

As it currently stands, here’s how current prices compare to historic data I have on my main server group Archimonde/Agamaggan/Norgannon, as well as the US average:

Shrouded Cloth:
Current: 1.51g
Historic: 1.63g
US Avg: 1.40g

Lightless Silk:
Current: 3.12g
Historic: 3.80g
US Avg: 5.34g

Laestrite Ore:
Current: 3.49g
Historic: 3.43g
US Avg: 2.98g

Sinvyr Ore:
Current: 6g
Historic: 10.15g
US Avg: 8.26g

Solenium Ore:
Current: 2.25g
Historic: 6.96g
US Avg: 3.42g

Shadowghast Ingot:
Current: 39.75g
Historic: 43.05g
US Avg: 39.73g

So far, when compared to my historic realm data, it seems like current cloth has held its price, current ore has dropped to be a bit more inline with regional averages (which will likely drop to match over time), and the ingots haven’t budged.

I then looked at a small collection of classic mats.

Copper Ore:
Current: 1.49g
Historic: 5.23g
US Avg: 3.91g

Linen Cloth:
Current: 25s
Historic: 60s
US Avg: 25.92s

Frostweave Cloth:
Current: 55s
Historic: 1.32g
US Avg: 84.69s

All in all? For my server anyway, some items are holding, others have dropped, but the bottom hasn’t totally fallen out of the market.

I suppose it might be best to give it a week and see where everything falls, but I don’t see it being the disaster that was predicted unless you were on a server with low supply and exceptionally high mats. Raw mats might not get you what you once made, but I see no reason why you still can’t make money with them.

EDIT: I will say that with a bit of testing, flipping items might be MUCH harder now in some markets.

Raw Seraphic Wing:
Current: 14s
Historic: 7s

  • For the record, this is barely above the vendor price of 6.25 silver. After AH cut, the net profit on the AH is 6.65s, only 40 copper over vendor price. Factor in listing fees and the potential for failed auctions, and the folks doing this are really losing money IMO. And this isn’t even taking into consideration the folks on my server group that would cut down to 5 or even 4 silver.
    I just bought those and straight up vendored them when they showed up! :rofl:

US Avg: 31.95s

Now, why do I bring this up? Well, I saw potential to actually make profit off a stack I had sitting in my bank for the longest time. When I poked my head into the AH, I saw 41 silver as the lowest price. Posted at 40 silver…

Refreshed to see 14 silver.

Ok then. I bought those 600 units with intent to flip…

Another 300 or so popped up at the same price. So, I tried buying those.
Another 2K, but now at the lower price of 10 silver.

So, the takeaway? Well, with 200+ servers in the mix on crafting mats, I don’t think you’re realistically going to be able to flip stuff anymore if that was a way you used to make gold. There’s just too many people all posting at the same time now, and attempting to buy out the whole stock at the lowest price point will just be a futile effort if someone else is matching or undercutting that price the very instant you’re hitting the button to buy the pre-existing stock.

EDIT #2: I will say that I’m about to make…well, not a large scale killing, but some decent profit on Porous Stone.

  • 5076 units at a price range of 1-3 silver each.
  • Average is 2 silver each at about 80.61 gold.
  • Two stones make one Porous Sharpening Stone, an item that I sometimes manage to sell, but struggle with overall due to the Shaded version.
  • A Porous Sharpening Stone vendors for 12.5 silver.
  • 5076 units of stone become 2538 finished products with an average crafting cost of 4 silver each.
  • Overall vendor sales: 317.25 gold.
  • Overall profit: 236.64

As I said, not a huge gain, but this is stupidly easy “park your character in Org/SW” stuff that you can do to make passive gold while you cook dinner or watch a baseball game.

I see

In this Alpha build, we’ve removed the rested area requirement for changing Talents and Loadouts. Players are now be able to change their talents anywhere out in the world, as long as they’re not in combat. Additionally, previous restrictions such as not being in an Active Mythic+ instance or in a Rated PVP match still apply. In tandem with loosening this requirement, we’re adding a 5 second cast time when players change their existing talents/loadouts to prevent players from immediately swapping between different builds.

I don’t like it, I’ll request having tomes/being in a rest area as an option to respec without cast times. I’d rather pay every single time than respec once with a 5s cast