The Old Days

Good old Dragonblight. Anyone around who use to play in Burning Crusade?
Left DB at end of BC but was there most of BC.

Dead forums are dead :(
I did BC- CATA!
Welcome back!
Some of us are still around, but sadly the many friendly faces of long ago have faded a bit.

Good old Dramablight.
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<AEM> was formed from the core of <Wraith>(Fenris), which was pulled together at the end of BC for WotLK raiding. Happy to be back together, but sad that the broader community is so much quieter.
I've been on Dragonblight since BC. Made this toon then actually. Ran a couple guilds as well. Don't think I'll ever leave this server. Dragonblight still and always will have my heart <3

Dramablight will never be forgotten by us vet players!
Been here since vanilla! Was in visions of anarchy and help a few high warlords in battlegrounds.
Was in Darkness during BC. Wondering if anyone I used to run with back then is still around.
Played on Dragonblight from Vanilla-end of Cata. Transferred at start of legion.

Used to go by "Bagelboy" Drawf Hunter

The OCK and Exigence oldie here :)
I have been around since vanilla just leveling alts these days. Played with Unified and then with the OCK when this happend:

Back in the early days of the game, an infamous Alliance Paladin named Mauriac was known for creating cliques within whichever guild he currently inhabited, and getting uncomfortably close to any and all females within the guild for nefarious purposes. He went so far as to post pictures far too inappropriate for any forum on a guild website, which migrated to the realm forums, much to the delight of Dragonblight's troll population. He would steal from guild banks and disappear without a trace, but eventually fell off the radar when a guild he was in fell apart and reformed without him during an AQ40 raid.

Fast forward a year or so, and a Horde Paladin named Alleyra appears, generally being competent but rude, which were characteristics of Mauriac (See Above). It is later found to be the one and only Mauriac himself, after several investigations of actual repute were done. In fact, they revealed through corresponding with a journalist in Alleyra's part of the world that he was supposed to fund prizes for a breast cancer charity in real life, but instead took the money he was paid for the charity and ran without delivering on his end of the bargain, letting his partner take the fall. Any and all posts on the realm forums regarding the matter were deleted within minutes, but the now defunct unofficial realm forums at were alight with glee at this new development. The top Horde guild on the server, The OCK, who currently harbored Alleyra, stayed silent on the subject for some time, until they finally showed their true colors in this thread: . Needless to say, about a month after the thread stopped receiving reply after reply, several OCK members faction transferred and joined top end Alliance guilds. Though nothing is certain since they've been more quiet than the post Holocaust Gestapo, it is rumored that these players left because Alleyra used what clout he had to weasel his way into getting the guild Shadowmourne.
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I started on this server in Vanilla. Grendalthor my dwarf hunter. I cannot hardly remember so many I use to run with. I remember my former guild leader Pito. That’s it. Lolol.

Noons alliance mage here from vanilla days, I remember when Kromar our guild leader sold his account to pay for rent - he was a good guy it was pretty sad. My lvl 60 mage has now been sitting in ironforge for 15 years…

I used to play on Dragonblight from Vanilla 'til Cataclysm; Human Paladin named Vance was my main, and raided on my alts - Draenei Shaman (Brutallisk), Night Elf Hunter (Kelrinidis) and my Human Warrior (Feasible).

Started out in a guild called < We Created LAG > when I first joined a guild in Vanilla on my rogue named ‘Nightrougex’ (yes, spelled incorrectly and all). Got kicked from there because I was a kid and begged for gold all the time.

Spent a long time guildless until I helped run a guild called < magic INC > for a long while on Vance. In BC, I joined a raiding guild named < DM United > and raided with those folks from Karazhan through Hyjal (man, that guild was incredible. If any of you folks are still around, know that I miss you all very much)!

In WotLK, I raided with < We Hate Trees > or something like that, fantastic group of people. Also ran Ulduar with < Clothing Optional > for a few months. Towards the end of Wrath of the Lich King, I helped run a guild named < Clan Battlehammer > where we killed 10 & 25 man Lich King, and worked through some bosses in Heroic.

If anyone remembers me, feel free to add me on bnet! Vance#1627.

I’m counting down the days until Classic and wondering if Palleas ever finished building that house…

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I created this character on day 1, named Book after the character on Firefly. I played him through Classic, BC, and WotLK. At some point I transferred him to another server because I wanted to try out an RP server, and I had to change his name :frowning:. But I created a new level 1 “Book” to preserve the name on Dragonblight. Somehow after being inactive all this time I still own the name, and now I’m back bringing Book back to life on Dragonblight.

What guilds were you in Book? I feel like I knew you